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CNTT Structure: Request for Feedback Page

Key Update

A restructuring of the CNTT organization has been proposed. Please submit your feedback on this restructuring via the LFN CNTT Wiki here: by EOD Tues, ~6pm UTC, 10/8/2019. Specifically, any comments, any questions, any role interests (i.e. please indicate specifically the Workstream and if lead/co-lead).

Rabi Abdel, Jim Baker, Beth Cohen, Vincent Danno, Walter Kozlowski, Ahmed Sawaf, Boris Renski, Marouane Mechteri, Gergely Csatari, Jonne Soininen, Michele Zarri, Phil Robb, Pierre Lynch, Toshi Wakayama, Trevor Cooper, Zhiqiang Yu, Ildiko Vancsa, Rick Tennant, Jonathan Beltran, Mark Cottrell, Pankaj Goyal, Mark Shostak, Mike Fix

Meeting Minutes


  • MC reconfirm with Chris Price if Budapest is confirmed.
  • Coordinate w/Heather on Late June | Early July Technical Workshop
  • Coordinate ONES EU 2020 timing
  • Spellcheck – Jim St. Leger
  • Recommend POC / demo at MWC20
  • Add next OpenStack conf (after Shanghai)
  • Add The Great Telco Debate in London – add Beth and Rabi
  • SDN NFV WC 2019 – The Hague, if someone wants to volunteer to be a 4th panelist, contact Beth
  • Questions – Jonathan & Jim Baker working on method to capture and respond to questions in Confluence
  • Put CNTT Structure deck on wiki
  • Request edits and suggestions
  • Bring feedback in for next week
  • Give guidance on how to comment on CNTT Structure
  • Need to add the governance Workstreams to the Wiki page


Agenda Bashing

  • Took a second to recognize there are many new companies in attendance today. Need help and all are encouraged to get engaged and take leadership/co-lead roles too


  • GSMA - will announce permanent representative next week for GSMA, Michele will be still be involved

Technology Update

  • Next release (Jan 2020) is named “Kekes” – named for the highest point in Hungary.
  • Issues are being worked for Core, Ops, & Dev

RI & RC Updates

  • 3 options to procure labs under assessment – LAAS, Self Service, & Community


  • 2020 Technical Work Shops | Speaking Engagements
    • Budapest location secured, logistics being worked (Chris Price)
    • ONS showing as 2 day events – CNTT will move to 3 days
    • Late June – Early July: Work with Heather to determine dates
    • September ONS will need to be a Monday | Tuesday event – need follow-up with Heather to confirm that is the plan
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Fix spelling on Jim St. Leger
    • MWC20 Barcelona – Panel?
    • DEMO IDEA – Demo CNTT VNF vs. NON-CNTT VNF to show value driven from CNTT
    • Others speaking engagements? Send to Mark and he will maintain list
    • December 10 2019 - London – Rabi, Beth – Telecom TV sponsored – The Great Telco Debate
    • Beth will be speaking @ the OpenStack Conference in May 2020 (has not been announced)

CNTT Structure

  • Objective is to establish a structure that will scale
    • Create a pool of resources
    • Feedback to Mark & Rabi due by Tuesday 10/8 or earlier
    • Volunteer for Work Stream opportunities and/or leadership roles
    • Vote will conducted on 10/10 Gov call
    • CNTT Size and Deliverables continue to increase
    • How do we scale and take advantage of collective membership in CNTT
    • Coming out of Antwerp, developed an initial recommended draft of new structure
    • Goals is trying to get more tangible outcomes – having a focus of sub-teams aligned in same directions
  • Governance Workstreams and Structure
  • Who wants to join at leadership level?
  • Introducing “Workstream” nomenclature
  • Technical Workstreams and Structure
  • RA 1 and RA 2 development stream makes sense only if we have developers. Intent of Workstreams is to create pull engineers and other resources needed, and identify where resources will need to be applied (estimation)
  • Discussion, Comments, and Questions
    • How exactly does Technical Steering committee work?
    • Ask for comments and questions through end of day next Tuesday.
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