Community Attendees: 

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi,


Antitrust Policy

  • Agenda Bashing, Action Items
  • Next Steps for the AI Taskforce
  • General Topics
    • Events
    • AI White paper followup
    • LFN Podcast
    • Upcoming Meetings
    • AOB

Pending Action Items

Minutes/Talking Points

  • Sridhar provided update on Thoth
    • MLP work underway
    • GAN work does not have a resource. The project is looking forpeople with expertise.
  • Next Steps for the AI Taskforce
  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • 1500 UTC (Juneteenth, US holiday. Meeting to be canceled)
    • 0200 UTC. Proposed to cancel due to July 4th holiday

  • Any Other Business