Community Attendees:

LF Staff:

LJ Illuzzi



Antitrust Policy

  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • AI White paper update
    • Short term activities:
    • Strategic use case analysis
    • ONE Summit and D&TF Planning
    • Pilot for LFN Podcast
    • Upcoming Meetings
    • AOB
    1. Pending Action Items

        • @sandeep to provide a draft of podcast script

Minutes/Talking Points

White Paper-

  • The team is asked to put everything they have into the draft, we'll sort it out and massage after. Add a Deadline
  • Identify areas where people can't input content in time and then resign if possible, adda proxy
  • Plan B provide an abstract in time for ONE Summit
  • Next Step- setup a touch base call for next week with just the people who signed up for the white paper


  • Sandeep- Who would be the ideal person to speak on the podcast. A community member would be best. Will content be WP focused, AI in general?

Upcoming Meetings:

    • 0200 UTC
    • 1600 UTC