Each stage of the LFN project lifecycle comes with various benefits and access to resources. The availability of these benefits is dependent on the project's lifecycle stage, and the adoption of services is optional. LFX tooling is available for all projects, regardless of their current stage. New projects joining the LFN are not required to start at a lower lifecycle stage if they already meet the requirements for a higher stage.

Some tools and services that are available to all lifecycle states:

  • Staff assistance in the development of project governance, diversity, and community growth
  • LFX tools, including project management, code security, and community analytics
    • LFX is a suite of tools built by the Linux Foundation to facilitate every aspect of open source development. The toolkit operationalizes the organization’s proven methodology for transforming projects into category leaders, providing direct support to projects and empowering open source developers to write better, more secure code and grow sustainable ecosystems.
    • With 11 tools currently available and more on the roadmap for early next year, the LFX Platform is one of the most comprehensive platforms built specifically for the open technology ecosystem.
    • Please note that while LFX tooling is available to all projects, the specific features and capabilities of the LFX Tools may vary based on the project's lifecycle stage and requirements.
    • More details about LFX Tools
  • Networking opportunities with LFN projects and the broader open-source community

  • Guidance and mentorship from TAC and other LFN projects

  • Release Management Support Services (RMSS)
  • Inclusion in LFN marketing materials and events
  • Opportunities for cross-project collaboration and integration
  • General LF IT Support
  • General Tooling
    • Access to Zoom, 1Password, Slack
  • (Optional) LFN Projects may have initiative funds that can receive additional money from companies that are used for the sole benefit of that Project.  i.e., Dedicated Funding from Special Interests.  
    • Newly initiated projects within the LFN may retain pre-existing special interest funding.
    • Established projects are permitted to seek or accumulate independent funding from special interest sources.

Below is a more explicit list of tools and services available to the LFN Projects:

LFN Services






- LFN committee engagement

Technical Advisory Council (TAC
Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
Marketing Advisory Council (MAC)


Project Specific requests for the upcoming year
Incubation and TAC Projects will be able to submit requests in for Project Specific line items for the upcoming budget year. Requests should focus on Project Specific needs (typically IT tooling) versus cross-Project categories (e.g. Digital Marketing)
Graduated Project Discretionary Budgets

TAC Projects each provided a line item of $10,000 for discretionary spending outside of the standard budget request process (and outside of items already approved for the current budget). This can include items such as a Community Awards program, Project specific digital marketing, Prizes for Hackathons, and Additional funding for TSC F2F meetings)
LFX ServicesLFX Tools are available for all projects

EdX Courses

As requested, TAC Projects provided a budget to develop EdX Courses (example Projects will need to identify the member/s to develop the content and work alongside the LF Training Team
Project Certifications

Project level knowledge and skills demonstration
Release Management Support Service 

TrainingAll projects may participate in Release Management training 
Assistance with developing a release process and initial release scheduleAdvise community release managers on developing a release process and creating the initial release schedule
Assistance with release process trouble shooting of specific issuesAdvise community release managers on resolving specific release process issues 
Assistance with post-release retrospective and release process improvementAdvise community release managers on conducting a post-release retrospective with their community and using that feedback to improve the release process

Listing on LFN Website (Projects drop-down)TAC Sandbox acceptance triggers addition to the LFN project list
Events (Hard Dollars spent)Unfunded LF Projects will have lowest priority for trade show / event demo showcases in LFN booth space. Outreach Committee shall prioritize booth demos based on 1st) TAC Project Demos, 2nd) Incubation Project Demos, 3rd) Cross-Project Collaborative Demos, 4th (space/timeslot availability pending) Sandbox Project Demos. The Voting Members of the Outreach Committee have voting authority over the Event Schedule each year. Kiosks in any LFN/LF pavilions subject to Linux Foundation sponsorship parameters/requirements.
Release Marketing & Communications

Sandbox Projects: major release
- Social media promos (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Incubation Projects: major release
- Blog post announcement
- Social media promos (Twitter, LinkedIn)
- Embargoed or day-of pitch of the release and top features to the media as relevant. Requests for interviews go to the project team for interviews

TAC Projects: major and minor release
- Blog post announcement (+ possible press release as determined by LFN PR Team)
- Embargoed or day-of pitch of the release and top features to the media as relevant. Requests for interviews go to the project team for interviews.
- Social media promos (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Projects invited to participate in LFN Webinar Series (Incubation: max of 1 per year, TAC Projects: max of 2 per year)
Design and Aesthetics
When new projects join LFN, they may choose to have a logo designed by the LF in house creative services team. This service is available to new projects, or established projects who wish to refresh/update their logo
Project WebsiteWhen an established project joins LFN, the LF can provide website hosting, or can migrate the project's website to the LF project CMS that includes management, security updates, etc. For new projects, in addition to hosting and management, the LF can design an introductory brochure-style website or use Hugo + github + Netlify as a free alternative.
Maintaining/updating of stand-alone websites are the responsibility of the Project(s) (with minimal Linux Foundation support). Any costs associated with stand-alone websites (hosting, 3rd party, other) are subject to budget approval process, and any potential funding only available to Incubation and TAC Projects.

Policy: Incubation and TAC projects receive LFN staff support. Everyone else is encouraged to use self-managed channels.
Press Releases
For Incubation and TAC Project Major Releases, LF PR will build/execute a PR Release Plan to include Analyst calls/distribution (working closely with Marketing representatives from the Project). Earlier stage Major Releases may be combined with other news items (e.g., new Members).
BlogLF PR teams will proactively reach out to Incubation and TAC Projects for Blog entries.
Direct EmailQuarterly LFN produced newsletter, member report
LF PR teams social tools flag Tweets across all Projects under the LFN umbrella. Individual projects have self-managed twitter accounts. MAC as coordination point and best practices.
Individual projects have self-managed LinkedIn accounts. MAC as coordination point and best practices.
LF YouTube for broad open source topics

GitHubAvailable to all projects
Standalone Jenkins/Gerrit
Legacy system - gitlab target
Docker Hub
Minimal cost to add additional Projects
GitHub Wikigithub-based wiki or github MD for unfunded (freely available to all)
Confluence Wiki subspaceA wiki space on an existing instance for sandbox and incubation under - optional instance for TAC
Dedicated Wiki

Dedicated Confluence instance (optional)
** Atlassian services will no longer be available after 2024 and an alternative tool will be available
support.linuxfoundation.comStandard LF IT support channel for all projects
LF Release Engineering
*LF Release Engineering support budgeted to support ( * Incubation on occasion) TAC projects actively
Defect Tracking (Unfunded)

github issues and gitlab equivalent
Defect Tracking (Sandbox/Incubation/TAC)Use a GitHub Issues or a project under - use the "component" property for subprojects
Defect Tracking: (Graduated)

Optional dedicated JIRA instance

ReadTheDocsGive all LFN projects a uniform toolchain - $600/yr per project
General ToolingAccess to Zoom (shared bridges for young projects/dedicated for TAC), 1Password, Slack
LFX supportAll LFX services are currently available to all projects. Costing and allocations may follow in the future.
Program Management

Onboarding assistance and ad hoc requests
PM assistance is limited to helping the project get on-boarded at the various level - NO ON-GOING PM support
General Program Management Support
Limited basis for Incubation projects

Presentation(s) for the Community

TAC projects only
1x1 strategy calls with project leadership
Once a quarter
Project health reviews (TAC)Up to once a quarter

Project formation docs

On-boarding docs
Ad Hoc legal issuesAs determined by PM
Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) system that integrates with GitHub.This applies to EasyCLA as well
Project Trademark hosting
License scans of the code baseScheduled with LF legal plus per release scanning
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