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We do need the Insight onboarding done for EMCO, which is stuck in resource delays but is still scheduled to happen. And we do still need the LFX Security Scan support completed but these are not budget asks. 

AR:  LJ Illuzzi to look into the LFX Security Scan status

We do want to have the option to support another Mentor/Intern pair-up and so we will ask for the Same allocation as 2022


Louis mentioned that if/when we complete our project promotion to Incubation status, there could be more marketing $$ available/allocated to us but he is

AR: LJ Illuzzi is going to check into whether there is a defined amount. 

Louis provide the link to the process to migrate to INcubation and this is linked in the Future Agenda items for next meeting when we will go over that. 

AR: LJ Illuzzi  to plan to go over the Incubation process next meeting

Ritu gave a brief verbal confirmation that the items listed on the 2209 Release wiki page are still mostly on track, with some concern around App Config but we will keep pushing to get that into this release. 


Louis noted that tomorrow, Spet Sept 9 is the deadline for early bird registration for ONE Summit Nov 2022 in Seattle, WA USE. LFN members can use discount code ONE22LFNMEM for further discount. 


Finally, Srini noted that he is working with Ritu and others on sketching out a cloud native SASE use case. I noted that we have a wiki page that was created for this use case back in June. Srini

AR: Srinivasa Addepalli will work with Ritu offline to flesh out the description of the Use case for review at a future meeting. 


Incubation checklist- LFN Project Lifecycle (Updated)