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  • TSC Chair Election - nomination period open until 07/22
    • Bob to submit a nomination by end of this week for a candidate from Intel. (DONE- Sundar Nadathur nominated July 21)
  • 22.06 Blog Discussion
    • "Allow inbound outside connections to services running in EMCO clusters. An Authorization API is provided to allow an operator to define, with fine-grained control, access to resources and methods. This extends service access/routing to multi-cluster environments in a secure and configurable way." LFN Marketing asking for clarity on phrase "inbound outside connections."
    • This changes recommended for this sentence were discussed offline before the meeting and the Blog is now complete and published Wednesday July 20. 
  • Upcoming Events:
  • 5G Network Slicing demo- Is there a 5G SBP tie-in?
    • This topic was discussed and it was noted that the KubeCon Submission for the 5G Slicing Use Case does not have a specific tie-in to the 5G SBP, but it could be included. This use case was indeed submitted for review and discussion at the Use Case and Requirements Advisory Group forum and as it develops, tie-ins could be included in content for the event. 
  • Security Scan DIscussion
    • Louis went over the Security review status table created for LFN projects and showed how other projects were addressing the information submittal and using same methods as more mature projects like FD.IO and OpenDayLight. 
    • We would need an SBOM, for which there are auto tools to generate in GitHub, but not yet in GitLab (planned for later in 2022)
    • Also there is an ask for an OpenSSF Vulnerability Plan. Nothing formalized yet on this and so we will have to keep this on our ToDo list
    • Igor DC noted that he will be meeting with LFN personnel to see what is possible for mirroring our GitLab repo in GutHub so that we can utilize the automatic SBOM tools for now in this way. 

Future Agenda items: