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Nadathur SundarIntel
Igor DC Intel

LFN Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • 22.09 Release Plan Overview
  • TSC Chair Election needed. Open for nominations
  • 22.06 Blog Discussion - DO we have meaty enough release content for a blog? 
  • Intel Innovation abstract submission- EMCO PCEI Use Case- Equinix & Intel joint session


Deferred 22.09 Release Plan Overview to next week- Ritu Sood

Notified the team present that our current TSC Chair, Cathy Zhang, has assumed additional responsibilities within CNCF community and can no longer give the time to the EMCO TSC that she would like to. 

Therefore, she will step down from the TSC Chair position as well as from being Intel's representative on the EMCO TSC. Intel will appoint a new EMCO TSC rep within a week and a notice of timelines for nominations for a new TSC Chair will open up soon thereafter. The Notice of the timeline has been sent out to the TSC mailing list. 

We then discussed the headline ideas and top highlights we should write up for a published blog on the EMCO 22.06 release that was issued on June 30 as planned. Bob sent out a draft email to Nadathur SundarRitu Sood and Igor DC with initial draft of a headline and top highlights as recalled from the conversation. After the initial draft is fleshed out a bit this week, we will send to LJ Illuzziand Brandon Wick to create a shared Google doc that we can finish up as a broader team for publication. 

Bob mentioned that the Intel and Equinix teams Trishan de Lanerolle Oleg Berzin agreed and worked up an update abstract based on the PCEI Blueprint for a submission to the Intel Innovation event late September in the SF Bay Area. We will get word on possible acceptance late July. 

Brandon also noted that the CFP for LF One Summit closes this Friday July 8, but some indications are that this may be extended. Aarna Networks is already working up at least one submission around EMCO for that event, and we discussed possibly an update on the Edge Relocation use case ilhem fajjari Grzegorz Panekas being another very interesting abstract we should consider. 

Interested parties should go here for the Submission page to submit an abstract.

End of Meeting

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