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Insert Meeting Recording

Inseret Chat File

Login in with your Linux ID and add yourself to the attendance table. Tag yourslf with "@"

If you do not have an LF ID you can get one here:


LFN Staff: 


  • LF Antitrust Policy
  • Welcome new members
  • Opens?
  • Our presenters today were out sick and unavailable. 


Send request for Orange to discuss requirements/use case for workload migration workflows under Temporal in EMCO. 

Schedule the Security and License Scan meant for today to next week as well. 

Meeting adjourned after 10 minutes of discussion of future agenda items. 

Future Agenda items:

  • Security scanning for EMCO
    • LFx Security- receive an overview rescheduled for  April 26.
  • License scanning - Invite Jeff (LF) to TSC call April 5  → April 26