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2022  Trial Scheme. Apply to review Reviewed on TSC meeting 2022-02-08. 


EventDescriptionDateDetailed  Requirements
Release Start

The start date of project's release.

Start date
  • Project's Committer should prepare initial Release Plan and post the plan details on project's independent webpage.
  • Send initial Release Plan (link or material) to tsc mailing list, and apply for TSC review.
  • TSC will add schedule about initial release plan review to the following TSC meeting. Meeting invitation will be send to Project's Committer.
  • For new projects, project proposal should be provided along with project's release plan.
Initial CheckpointTSC review Release Plan provided by Project's committer.Start date + 1 or 2 weeks
  • Project's committer will present to TSC members about initial Release Plan (and with project proposal).
  • TSC members will provide suggestions.
  • Project's committer and TSC member will discuss together and reach on agreement about a fixed Release Plan. 
  • Meeting minutes should be taken. Release Plan should be updated by Project's Committer according to meeting result.

Middle Checkpoint


TSC review release progress provided by Project's committer.

Start date + (1/2)*Release duration

Release duration = release end date - start date

  • Projects committer can apply for middle release review based on project's own condition by sending email to tsc mailing list.
  • Project's committer will present to TSC member about release progress. Presentation materials are optional.
  • Tiny adjustment of release plan are allowed.
  • Meeting minutes should be taken. Release Plan should be updated according to meeting result explicitly under “Mark-up” model.
Formal ReleaseFinal CheckpointTSC review Release Review provided by Project's committer.Release end date - 1 or 2 weeks
  • Project's committer should prepare Release Review and post detials on on project's independent webpage.
  • Project's committer will present to TSC members about Release Review.
  • TSC members will comment on release content. Meeting minutes should be taken.
Formal Release
Release end date
Release MarketingPrepare release marketing materials.Release end date + 2 weeks
  • Project's committer and self-nominated TSC members will prepare marketing materials for the release.
  • Contact LFN marketing manager for PR.