2022  Trial Scheme. Reviewed on TSC meeting 2022-02-08. 

XGVela, the telecom cloud native PaaS platform project, is a loosely coupled project. Each of Telco PaaS capabilities and Adaptation Layer capabilities, which XGVela plans to deliver, can either be treated as a group of independent projects, or be combined and treated as one project. The decision will be made at the beginning of project lifecycle by Project’s Committer. And the projects are primaryly self-managed projects.

For each project, the Project’s Committer make all decisions about Releases of that Project. However, following the Release Process is required. The purpose of the Release Process is to insure openness and maximum opportunity for participation. The idea is to have a simple, clear, public declaration of what a project intends to do and when, and what was actually done in a release cycle.

Recommended Time Node of Release Progress

EventDescriptionDateDetailed  Requirements
Release Start

The start date of project's release.

Start date
  • Project's Committer should prepare initial Release Plan and post the plan details on project's independent webpage.
  • Send initial Release Plan (link or material) to tsc mailing list, and apply for TSC review.
  • TSC will add schedule about initial release plan review to the following TSC meeting. Meeting invitation will be send to Project's Committer.
  • For new projects, project proposal should be provided along with project's release plan.
Initial CheckpointTSC review Release Plan provided by Project's committer.Start date + 1 or 2 weeks
  • Project's committer will present to TSC members about initial Release Plan (and with project proposal).
  • TSC members will provide suggestions.
  • Project's committer and TSC member will discuss together and reach on agreement about a fixed Release Plan. 
  • Meeting minutes should be taken. Release Plan should be updated by Project's Committer according to meeting result.

Middle Checkpoint


TSC review release progress provided by Project's committer.

Start date + (1/2)*Release duration

Release duration = release end date - start date

  • Projects committer can apply for middle release review based on project's own condition by sending email to tsc mailing list.
  • Project's committer will present to TSC member about release progress. Presentation materials are optional.
  • Tiny adjustment of release plan are allowed.
  • Meeting minutes should be taken. Release Plan should be updated according to meeting result explicitly under “Mark-up” model.
Final CheckpointTSC review Release Review provided by Project's committer.Release end date - 1 or 2 weeks
  • Project's committer should prepare Release Review and post detials on on project's independent webpage.
  • Project's committer will present to TSC members about Release Review.
  • TSC members will comment on release content. Meeting minutes should be taken.
Formal Release
Release end date
Release MarketingPrepare release marketing materials.Release end date + 2 weeks
  • Project's committer and self-nominated TSC members will prepare marketing materials for the release.
  • Contact LFN marketing manager for PR.

A Release Plan is recommended to contain the following information

Project name/

Provide the overview of the project and current status, which covers existing architecture, feature, stability, maturity, etc.

Planned Major Accomplishments for the Release (Important)

This covers the major accomplishments that the project wants to cover during the release, such as feature, bugfixes, test coverage, documentation, etc.

Relationship Clarification (Important) For this part, when making plans and accomplishment, please clarify the relationship with other projects/open-source software/previous releases, and how to collaborate with them.
Release Milestones (Important)Milestones and timelines for the release.
Release leader and active committer

A list of release leader's and active committers' information, which includes name, email, contact, company, release contents involvement.

Challenges (if any)

Challenges the project is facing and needs help with from other projects, the TSC or the LFN umbrella.

A Release Review is recommended to contain the following information

Project name/
Release Accomplishment (Important)This covers the major accoplishment of the release, such as delivered feature, budfixes, pased test, delivered documentation, etc.
Summary of Outstanding AccomplishmentHighlight outstanding accomplishment and explain its benefit.
Delta between planned and actual accomplishement (Important)List the difference between the planned accomplishement in Release Plan and the actual accomplement.
Plans for Next Release (if any)Brief description of plans for next release.
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