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For more information about what LFN is doing in about Intelligent Networking:

White Paper: Intelligent Networking, AI and Machine Learning:

Webinar on the same topic

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Review on where we are in the development.  There are two aspects to intelligent networking.  For the Thoth project we are focused on the data and network traffic, not the operational aspects of the issue.

Vishnu Ram excellent initiative. It is much needed and can push the boundaries. question - are you looking so data model for specific problem? e.g. root cause analysis, fault isolation, or prediction. in other words, in your mind, would the data model be "per usecase"??

Walter Kozlowski Just to make sure: from ML perspective we are talking here about training data, is this the case?  Yes this is for training data.  It needs to be anonymized in a way that still returns valid analysis and useful information.   Might we look at companies that possibly have a data pool such as Newrelic or another company that is working in data analysis and data collection?  

EUAG and Thoth can work together. Big data researchers need to have domain knowledge in WAN Networking and visa versa and that is not the case, so the two groups need to work together to reach our goals.  Need to validate that the algorithms are working.  

Need a robust set of use cases – i.e. what problems are we trying to solve with AI?  One of the goals is to create a model as a service to share the data with all the community – operators and vendors alike.  Looking at Cubeflow right now, but others are possible. Ranny Haiby has a question about the Thoth scope.   Need RAN data for this area of research.  The list of data sets available: today.

Lei Huang are we focused on research or production.   We are starting with research, but the intention is to make it useful for real world production deployments.  Question about log generation and analysis of the logs.  We need to use real logs and also synthetic generated logs.  Are working with some OPenstack projects to get some log data to test things.

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