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Agenda and Minutes

  • No open PR
  • 1 pending issue Select all e2e tests applicable to RA2
    • sig_network, sig_network_features and sig_storage have been backported from master to Leguer and to Kali (then Kubernetes v1.18 and newer)
    • the configuration should be updated at first glance (Pankaj Goyal mentioned dual stack testing)
    • any testing from Kuberef or any ther SUT is welcome!
    • any contribution to Functest would be helpful (they are multiple sigs)
  • next CNTT RC2 asks for a M-release vote (TSC)
  • Key questions:
    • which test frameworks or test cases not included yet would be helpful? who would contribute to it?
    • overall traceability? at first glance to add a mandatory feature tab from the perspective of the testing
    • interopability? 1 or multiple RCs?
      • how far could we go via a testing interopabilty ala OpenStack?
      • If multiple RCs, would we reduce the feature list to what can be tested (do we ask any implementation sponsor to add the related testing)
    • cnf-conformance?