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5 MinOverview of Trust and Team building program

OC Team to pilot:

Home work should take no more than 90 minutes

Please return to Scot by 9/17

 10 Min

Review OC Mentors and Define Start up times

 All OC

10 MinReview Task List Action items for this week

All OC

  • T&T Homework
  • Review/update Scope and deliverables for each task force - OC Task force Mentors
  • Kick off meeting
  • Setup Document repository - Scot Steele
  • Task force meetings start up

5 MinDiscuss open itemsAll OC


Action items

  •  Meeting Minutes for today Scot Steele  
  •  OC Members T&T Homework ( ) - Oversight Committee
  •  Need to define Scope/Deliverables for each sub team - Oversight Committee   
  •  Task force Kick off meeting  
  •  Collect and consolidate the Documents in common location, and setup collaboration zones, is the CNTT Gov Chpt 6 (which is not used right now) - Scot Steele  
  •  Org Structure Straw man proposals ( )
  •  OPNFV & CNTT Charter reviews - Need to get org and tech groups to use their language to define the charter, so Legal can do redline - NEED TO BE COMPLETED MID OCT
  •  Invite Mike Dolan to Meld Kick off meeting Heather Kirksey Jim Baker  
  •  Review Task force memberships - All Oversight Committee