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  •  Meeting Minutes for today Scot Steele
  •   Need to re-org the list Heather Kirksey Dates Jim Baker
  •  Need to define Scope/Deliverables for each sub team - Oversight Committee
  •  Overall MAC and CNTT Mkts to solicit Volunteers Brandon Wick will take to the MAC on 2 Sept
  •  Bob Monkman to discuss on MMA meeting 25 Aug
  •  Collect and consolidate the Documents in common location, and setup collaboration zones, is the CNTT Gov Chpt 6 (which is not used right now) - Oversight Committee
  •  Invite Mike Dolan to Next Meld meeting Heather Kirksey Jim Baker
  •  Al Morton Will solicit volunteers for OPNFV for TSC
  •  Scott Steinbrueck  to solicit volunteers CNTT for TSC
  •  Volunteers for Org/Gov should be from TSCs/Gov. Look for Volunteers - Scot Steele
  •  Review existing volunteer emails to determine where they can participate. Heather Kirksey Scot Steele 
  •  Scot Steele to complete the Trust-team building Forum materials and schedule sessions week of 31 Aug