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  • Walk On Items
      CNTT Naming: New Proposal
      • Release Docs - progress update
      • Beth: Analyst Meeting 60 analysts
      • Rabi: Telefonica would like to participate in CNTT
      • Telco TV interviews with Beth and Rabi.
    • CNTT New Name: Updates Scot Steele
      • Action Item: Nick Chase - Press release - actually now a Blog post
      • Action Item: Scot Steele Date for Updates in Confluence - 5/29
      • Action Item: Public Side by end of week
    • June Virtual Conference Status Jim Baker Scot Steele
    • Field Trial Updates Scot Steele Nick Chase
      • Securing participants
        • AT&T Scot Steele Scott Steinbrueck to work on
        • Verizon - have a volunteer group - Beth Cohen will work on securing participation
        • Rabi Action- Attempt to secure VMWare next week 
        • Orange is ready to run conformance
        • VNF Vendors - Bob Monkman / Scot Steele Scot to collaborate on  ETSI PlugTests
        • Ericsson and Nokia both unable to participate
        • Rabi: TIP is only interested in the "two" stream
      • Securing Lab space
        • UNH lab to be used by Mirantis/Others
    • CNTT Future Direction: Mode of Operations Brian Bearden
    • Jonne - Project may be a good solution, however the concern shouldn’t be about the costs.
    • We should focus on the Criteria of the CNTT purpose.
      • Zoom Bridges/Jim Baker
      • More institutionalized
      • Costs are in support
    • Multiple Options
      • Cedric - GSMA will own RM, OPNFV would own RI/RC
      • RA still up in the air
      • CRIV 
      • Continue to operate seperately
      • Accelerate with OPNFV
      • Determine where the
      • CRIV
      • Should start with this option.
      • Define Pros and Cons at Meeting on 5/13
      • Look for ways to foster activity from OPNFV developers
      • More discussion needed.
      • Fold into OPNFV
      • Separate project or a hybrid model
      • Keep as is, define roles, responsibilities, and boundaries
      • Define CNTT as a workgroup
    • Action Item: Wed 5/13 call to define pros and cons of current condition and establish meetings to discuss solving roles and responsibilities issues
    • Action Item: Recurring meetings to determine best solution based on the best interest of OPNFV/CNTT/GSMA/LFN

    Work Items assigned to MMA