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  • Commercial product certification

Project Functionality

Details about the functionality of the candidate project.

  • Summary of candidate project functionality
  • Summary of candidate project technology components and purposes
  • Summary of where candidate project complements functionality already provided by project(s) within LFN
  • Summary of where candidate project overlaps functionality already provided by project(s) within LFN

Summary of Project functionality

  • XGVela is an open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions, which is to enable new services and help mobile operators to seize the business opportunity from vertical industries in the 5G era
  • Vela stands for sail in Latin, and also it is the name of a constellation. With XGVela, a PaaS platform with telco features can be used to accelerate the design, development and innovation of telco related service design.

Summary of Relationship with other communities, technology components, and purposes

  • CNTT - Kubernetes and Container platform requirement
  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)- inputs for XGVela code and integration based on telco requirements, to form General-PaaS
  • ONAP- to achieve dispatch of PaaS abilities and orchestration of cloud native network functions
  • OPNFV- to output a reference platform to support running and developing cloud native network functions
  • Akraino- to output telco cloud native best practices
  • Studies 5G NF microservice design method, develop and integrate Telco-PaaS.