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  • L2 protocols: LLDP, LACP (link aggregation interfaces), 802.1q (VLAN interfaces), STP and bridge interfaces
  • L3 protocols (e.g. BGP)
  • ACL and QoS network functions (through CPS / YANG API's)
  • Instrumentation: sFlow, telemetry
  • Orchestration and management

Programmability and AutomationAutomation 

OpenSwitch supports a rich ecosystem for automated deployment, for instance:

  • Ansible – various modules are already defined for OpenSwitch
  • Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) allows provisioning of OpenSwitch ONIE-enabled devices automatically, without manual intervention
  • Puppet

North-Bound Programmatic Interfaces

The OpenSwitch CPS programmatic interface is defined using YANG models, and in combination with Python, provides support for programming the network functionality, automation and DevOps. While the CPS API is the native OpenSwitch API, a REST API can be added as well, by mapping REST requests to CPS.

In addition, a set of OpenSwitch specific commands are available and can be invoked from a Linux shell (e.g. display the current software version, hardware inventory etc.).