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Comment: Updated Manik's status to CONFIRMED for chapters confirmed for contributions. Thanks Manik!


  • Status: 11/20
    • Team members were added, and partnered to assist with the creation of the chapter material
    • Mike to request each team reach across and start collaborative discussions to create content, starting with a Table of Contents (TOC) by EOW (11/22)
  • RC: status | issues
    • NFVI
      • Ch01: Introduction: Rajesh, Kanagaraj, Manik (question) Manik (confirmed)
      • Ch02: NFVI E2E C&V Framework Requirements: Cedric, Manik (question) Manik (confirmed)

      • Ch03: NFVI Test Case Requirements: Georg, Toshi (question), Deepanshu (question)

      • Ch04: NFVI TC Traceability to RA Requirements: Rajesh, Dan, Ashok

        • SME: Functest knowledge
    • VNF
      • VNF Prototype Plan - details, dates (Trevor)
      • Ch05: VNF E2E C&V Framework Requirements:  Kanagaraj, Cedric, Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch06: VNF Test Case Requirements: Fu Qiao, Yan Yang (confirmed), Chuyi Guo, Kanagaraj, Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch07: VNF TC Traceability to RM Requirements: Rajesh, Kanagaraj, Yan Yang (confirmed)

        • SME: Functest knowledge
    • Dev
      • Deployment Validations (Cedric)
      • Ch08: E2E Framework Integration: Cedric, Kanagaraj, Sridhar (question) Yan Yang (confirmed)
      • Ch09: NFVI Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric,

      • Ch10: VNF Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric, Liping Zhao (question), Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch11: Gap analysis & Development: Cedric, Kanagaraj, Shiby (confirmed)

  • AOB