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  1. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  2. Mark Shostak (AT&T)
  3. Ashok Kumar (VoerEir AB)
  4. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  5. Mark Beierl (VMware)
  6. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  7. Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  8. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  9. Justin Higa (Spirent)
  10. Liang Chen (China Mobile)
  11. Lincoln Lavoie (UNH-IOL)
  12. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  13. Lei Huang (China Mobile)
  14. Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)
  15. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  16. Kanagaraj Manickam (Huawei)
  17. Shiby Parayil (IConectiv)
  18. Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  19. Yan Yang (China Mobile)
  20. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)

Goals of Meeting

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust: 
  • Volunteer Commitment to work on Chapters
    • Status (11/20)
      • Meet with contributing partners - goal for each Chapter team, and discuss goals and timeline for writing the documentation
      • TOC by EOW - Mike will assist, and ask leads to update
  • Prototype Plan (Trevor)
    • Status (11/20)
      • Weekly meetings occurring (Sridhar, Trevor, Luc/Petar, others) - discussing build-out and use of a basic VNF prototype (ETA pending for completion and detailed plans)
      • For VNF Prototype Testing:
        • We can Leverage SampleVNF projects (and VNFs) for establishing baseline results of NFVI operability/stability
        • Can also use 4x Functest VNFs (for benchmarking purposes)
      • StorePerf can be used for storage based evaluating
  • Deployment and Compliance Validation (Cedric) > covered in RI discussions
  • RM/RA requirements extraction (Rajesh, Sridhar) >covered in RI discussions
  • Time Permitting
    • Issue Updates


Detailed Agenda and Minutes:

  • Status: 11/20
    • Team members were added, and partnered to assist with the creation of the chapter material
    • Mike to request each team reach across and start collaborative discussions to create content, starting with a Table of Contents (TOC) by EOW (11/22)
  • RC: status | issues
    • NFVI
      • Ch01: Introduction: Rajesh, Kanagaraj, Manik (confirmed)
      • Ch02: NFVI E2E C&V Framework Requirements: Cedric, Manik (confirmed)

      • Ch03: NFVI Test Case Requirements: Georg, Toshi (question), Deepanshu (question)

      • Ch04: NFVI TC Traceability to RA Requirements: Rajesh, Dan, Ashok

        • SME: Functest knowledge
    • VNF
      • VNF Prototype Plan - details, dates (Trevor)
      • Ch05: VNF E2E C&V Framework Requirements:  Kanagaraj, Cedric, Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch06: VNF Test Case Requirements: Fu Qiao, Yan Yang (confirmed), Chuyi Guo, Kanagaraj, Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch07: VNF TC Traceability to RM Requirements: Rajesh, Kanagaraj, Yan Yang (confirmed)

        • SME: Functest knowledge
    • Dev
      • Deployment Validations (Cedric)
      • Ch08: E2E Framework Integration: Cedric, Kanagaraj, Sridhar (question) Yan Yang (confirmed)
      • Ch09: NFVI Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric

      • Ch10: VNF Tests Traceability to TC Requirements: Cedric, Liping Zhao (question), Shiby (confirmed)

      • Ch11: Gap analysis & Development: Cedric, Kanagaraj, Shiby (confirmed)

  • AOB

Status | Milestones:

  • Work-stream
    1. NFVI (Lead = Rajesh, Mike)
      1. Issues:  6 open
      2. PRs: 0 open
      3. Assistance Needed
        • (In progress) 11/13 - Sridhar/Rajesh/Mark shifting ownership to RM/RA 1 team for extraction → Rajesh, work with Mark S., Sridhar  → work in progress
        • (In progress) Manifest validations vs. RA Req → discussed in the RI work stream call, work in progress as AirShip manifests were followed for installs, but confirmation needed to ensure RA requirements have been met; offline discussion happening in email to confirm if manifest require changing
        • Tune the declarative files to meet RA requirements (re-deploy)
      4. Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        • Receive Lab (date)
        • (In progress) Translate RA requirements to Manifest Needs (See above for Assistance needed)
        • Tune Manifest to match RA requirements (Target End State Lab - POD15) - status of POD 10, then date for POD 15
        • Testing
          1. Prepare automation harness - connectivity, validation (POD10)? – Cedric?
            1. e.g. functest-smoke-cntt was just created. neutron-tempest-plugin-api is already conformed with the current API section.
          2. Create Test Plan
          3. Finalize Test Harness/Framework
          4. Perform Manifest Validations
          5. Results Collection & Normalization
    2. VNF (Lead = Mike)
      1. Issues: 6 open
      2. PRs: 0 open
      3. Assistance Needed
        1. Empirical Validations - VNF Prototype Plan / Strategy
        2. Trevor - details / dates for Network profiles and testing
      4. Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        1. VNF Prototypes
          • (In Progress) Families Identified
          • (In Progress) Test Requirements Identified
          • Strategy

            1. Use POD10 for Network Intensive. 

            2. Measure stats related to the NFVi datapath capacity.

            3. Goal will be to demonstrate full automation of the environment (continuous deployment) with test cases with some useful test results (continuous testing).
            4. Status?  Then look at adding compute and storage intensive VNFs and identify test cases that map back to CNTT specified capabilities. (Luc, Sridhar, Al, Trevor - creating more detailed plan?).
        2. Testing
          1. Create Test Plan
          2. Finalize Test Harness/Framework
          3. Results Collection & Normalization
    3. Dev (Lead = Cedric)
      1. Issues: 15 total open
      2. PRs: 0 open
      3. Assistance Needed
        1. Deployment Validations and continuous deployment / integration 
      4. Status | Tasks (Work in progress)
        1. Jenkins setup
        2. VNF prototype
          1.  Development
          2. Connectivity to POD15


  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3



  • 11/20 Meeting
    • Owner: All →Review/respond to GitHub issues by    
    • Owner: Rajesh - determine a target date for POD15 installs, taking into consideration POD10 install completion, manifest validations, and API health/smoke tests, being done BEFORE POD15 installs by  
    • Owner: Mark (Victor) - Setup call to start Tracing RM Comp to RC Chapter sections by  
    • Owner: Fu Qiao - identify how to incorporate, or start developing, PDF and SDF consumables by   
  • 11/13 Meeting
    • Owner: All →Review/respond to GitHub issues by    
    • Owner: Leads - Review / Add Milestones to the Minutes in the Appropriate 'Status | Milestones' section by  
  • 11/06 Meeting
    • Owner: All →Review/respond to GitHub issues by   
  • 10/30 Meeting
    • Owner: All →Review/respond to GitHub issues by  
    • Owner: Rajesh - get current status from Srihdar on POD10 installs, and open a GitHub issue to track the deployment by  
  • 10/23 Meeting
    • Owner: All →Review/respond to GitHub issues by 
    • Owner:  Leads - Assign / work action items by EOW  
    • Owner: Rajesh - Meet w/ Trevor + others to discuss overall CNTT Lab Requirements (needs - e.g. POD10, 15, 17-18 (AirShip), 19-Test Tools, etc) by  
      • Rajesh (host), Trevor, Mark, and Mike - met to discuss the Intel labs and their intended use; acknowledge 10/15/19 are used for CNTT PoC/TargetState/TestTools labs.  17 and 18 are being used by the Airship project, but not CNTT.  Next steps are to research the availability of a 2nd lab within Spirent, and to attend upcoming LF Lab Planning Sessions for future lab needs/support.
    • Owner: Cedric - open a GitHub issue for the setup of the Jenkins hosts for RI validation by  
  • 10/16 Meeting:  Yielded time to RI Kickoff discussions.  Refer to RI meeting notes for 10/16 for details
    • Setup recurring call for RC series starting 10/23
  • 10/9 Meeting
    • Owner: All → Review/respond to GitHub issues by  
    • Owner: Impacted Individuals (Test, Installer, Support) - needing access to POD15, request/receive access by    
    • Owner: Mike - confirm with Cedric O. (Orange) if he will be the "lead" to centralize Implementation & Adoption of Test Hardness/Framework efforts on/by  
    • Owner: Rajesh - confirm with Sridhar (Spirent) if he will be the "lead" to centralize s/w deployments on/by 

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