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  • Any person who is an “active contributor” to any LFN project (i.e. LFN TAC-projects as well as any other LFN projects) is eligible to vote for the election. 
    • An "Active Contributor" is defined as anyone that has made a code contribution to any LFN project in the past 12 months.

Election process:

  • The LFN Program Manager responsible for the TAC (LFN PM) – or a representative appointed by the TAC to conduct the LGBMCR election  - kicks off the election process, announcing the start of a nomination period via email to all technical-discuss and TSC mailing lists of all LFN project.
  • Nomination period (see above) is 2 weeks.
  • Once the nomination period is closed, the LFN PM (or the appointed representative), starts the election
  • Election uses the Condorcet method. The election period is 2 weeks.
  • Once the election period is closed, the LFN PM (or the appointed representative) submits the nominee to the LFN GB for approval. Once approved, the LGBMCR is announced via email to the above mentioned mailing lists.