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By the Technical Community, For the Technical Community.

Accelerate project collaboration, influence technical decisions,
build cross-project competence


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2023-11 Common Information
2023-11 Common Information

Welcome Message

We're excited to be back in person, rolling up our sleeves together, working on advancing our collective technical goals. This gathering represents a unique opportunity to address critical challenges, celebrate our accomplishments, and continue the dynamic conversations that make our projects flourish.

In this Developer & Testing Forum, you can anticipate a blend of plenary, multi-project, and individual project sessions. We encourage sessions that delve into specific releases, features, problems, or collaboration plans - these kinds of discussions have consistently yielded the most productive outcomes. 

To ensure uniformity in our presentations, we have prepared an LFN Technical Meetings PowerPoint Template which we encourage all presenters to use.

We understand that the commitment to attend an in-person event might require extra justification for some, so we've prepared a 'Convince Your Boss' page to assist you:

We're all aware of the circumstances surrounding international travel these days, but we have also heard your feedback on how essential in-person collaboration is for our communities. The safety of all attendees is our top priority, and we are closely monitoring health and travel advisories to ensure a safe and productive event for everyone.

The entire LFN staff and I are genuinely looking forward to seeing you all in Budapest in November. This event is an essential part of our joint effort to drive forward our ecosystem, and your presence will undoubtedly contribute to its success.

See you in Budapest!

Community Program Committee Leads:

General Information For Developers

The LFN Developer & Testing Forum is being held in Budapest, Hungary -  

Current confirmed projects are the following: 

5G Super Blueprint:What is the 5G Super Blueprint Library? Learn about this and all the exciting projects underway in the 5G Super Blueprint community, including, an end-to-end deployment of eUPF with Free5GC Core, a demonstration of orchestration of OAI core and gNB with EMCO, and a proposal on enhancing autonomous networks through generative AI and intent-driven technologies.

AnuketOur mission is - Empower the global communications community by creating and developing reference cloud infrastructure models, architectures, conformance programs and tools to deliver network services faster, more reliably, and securely. We'll be hosting some meetings exploring future development sessions, discussing operating procedures, and fostering collaboration with other projects. will be hosting a session CSIT Dashboard Use Cases / UX improvements and host a multi-project session with the Strongswan Community to discuss the Strongswan+VPP use-case and discuss the requirements needed to host the strongswan vpp plugin in the strongswan repo with associated integration testing or alternative integration testing environment and a third session will be used to introduce the SONiC VPP platform use case in the SONiC architecture.

L3AF:Windows support in L3AF is coming. L3AF on Windows developers will provide a technical overview of the platform and a demonstration.

Nephio: Nephio’s goal is to deliver carrier-grade, simple, open, Kubernetes-based cloud native intent automation and common automation templates that materially simplify the deployment and management of multi-vendor cloud infrastructure and network functions across large scale edge deployments.

ONAP: The ONAP community will be hosting meetings for alignment of architecture, modeling, security and other aspects of system design as we look toward future releases of the platform.

Details for Presenters

  • Please use the LFN Technical Meetings PowerPoint Templatefor your presentations.
  • We encourage you to use the following virtual background if your systems supports it: LFN Zoom Background Image

  • Sharing must be started by the host account.  

  • Please watch this video by Scot Steele for tips on claiming the Zoom Host roll, recording your session, and uploading your slides and session recordings to the wiki.

  • Create a dedicated Session Page for your session content by clicking one of the “Create Session Page” buttons
  • Connect to Zoom using the link in TeamUp for your session - No special login required
  • Claim the Host role (see instructions emailed to the presenters list)
  • Rename your recording mp4 from the default to match the name of your session
  • Upload a PDF of any presentation materials to your session page
  • Upload your recording to your session page
  • Edit the proposals page and add the link to your session page
    • TIP: Look for your minutes page under “Recently Viewed” in the link popup.
  • Edit the Daily Summary and add a one or two sentence summary and a link to your session page

LFN Staff Support

Additional Information