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  • SPECIAL 2 hr. session with Org/Ops
  • Gain alignment on key topics/ideas/opinions



Discussion of Trevor's proposed organization strawman.  Need to add link here.  Merged workstreams.  Anuket Projects and Workstreams: Specification, implementation, conformance projects. Implementations are a set of flavors based on the reference architectures that are part of the specification projects pool. 

Discussion: What is an RI and what is a second implementation called?  Informal term from Prague meeting (Jan 2020) was Vendor Implementation - where there is a vendor that has an implementation of the RA which conforms to the RC.  It was also suggested that VSI be used as Vendor Supplied Implementation, or VI means Variant Implementation (question).  Clarity and agreement on these terms is needed.  Mark suggested that RI be seen like a university research project: it is open and community maintained, but not something that anyone would take to production.

Action items