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  • Interaction with other communities Brian Freeman

    • LFN needs clarity/documentation around where LFN's interaction is with other foundations (LF-Edge, LF-AI, etc)
    • Specific wiki page a logical step
    • Heather Kirksey - although we've tried many of the organic cross- pollination conversations that would normally occur at an event just don't materialize during virtual events.
    • topic for a future meeting

Action items

  •  Casey Cain overview the youtube channels for LFN and projects structure in TAC prior to delivering the keys to the project communities  
  •  Jim Baker reachout to LF-AI to attend the meeting on the 17th  
  •  LFN Staff ask communities what expectations they have of the next whitepaper  
  •  Kenny Paul add cross community awareness and documentation as a future meeting topic (4 weeks out)  
  •  Kenny Paul add Event survey results to next meeting agenda.