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  1. RM defines the scope, and a few high level requirements.
  2. RA-2 defines the specific architecture and platform requirements, focused on containers.  Should have a list of relevant RM requirements.
  3. RI-2 is an implementation produced by LFN, intended to provide an example working implementation that passes RC-2 testing.  It has requirements for companies that wish to use this specific implementation.  A company may choose a different set of installation tools, provided it the resulting implementation passes the RC-2.  The same is true for using different stack componentsStack components might be different, although this selection is highly dependent on what's required by name in RA-2.
  4. RC-2 is a test conformance suite that proves the company's implementation matches the RA-2 requirements.  RC-2 will have requirements for how a company sets up and operates the conformance tools.