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  • Question about support for K8S Operators for Lifecycle Management. Answer: ONAP SO is focused on the service level orchestration. Lifecycle management of an NF  can be delegated to K8S.
  • SO can use more developer helping hands to improve the functionality of CNF orchestration.
  • Question: How can a software vendor decide which "path" to use for CNF orchestration - The ETSI path and the existing SO path? A: There will be a translation between the formats. There is an attempt to align the model between the two paths.
  • Question: What is the proposed CNF descriptor? Is it a node type in TOSCA? A: There will be a new node type, but it is not closely following the ETSI-NFV VNFD. The SDC will have a new resource type called "Helm", but it is not 1:1 mapping to the ETSI-NFV VNFD.

Action Items

  •  Consider portability between ETSI & ONAP for CNF