TSC Nominations and Sign-up- [Proposal - Additional TSC members (1 per participating company not already represented) may be nominated or sign-up for TSC membership with approval from existing TSC]

TSC Chair and Elections

A TSC chairperson shall be elected. Nominations for TSC chair will be facilitated using the Project's WiKi . Election for TSC Chair shall be facilitated using Condorcet Internet Voting Service. In the spirit of establishing an initial TSC chair only current TSC members will be qualified to vote for chairperson. Future qualifications for voting rights for TSC chair can be discussed and adopted as the project progresses.

The following dates have been established (dates have been moved out 1 week in respect of regional holidays):

TSC Chairperson Nominations:

Chairperson nomination period ended as of 10/16/2020.

Qihui ZhaoChina Mobile
Sandeep KarkalaMavenir
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