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  • Start the Recording
  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.
  • Agenda Bashing, Roll Call, Action Items
  • Releases
  • TAC & SPC Updates
  • Marketing Update
  • General Topics
  • Any Other Topics


  • Due to the coming Thanksgiving Day, this meeting received low attendency. Reviews on Release contents will be done through email by each TSC member. Vote on release will also be done through email.
  • Security scan update:
    • Casey updated the code security scan outcome aroud two weeks ago. Within the outcome, it showed that some package with GPL2.0 license were used, which is conflict with Apache 2.0. Besides, Casey helped to consult LFN legal team about the license scan outcome.
    • The team solved the GPL2.0 problem by changing related database backage in previous week. Functional testing and deployment verification were completed after package switch.
    • Till this meeting, the security scan tool hasn't automatically update scan outcomes. And the Legal team hasn't give feedbacks about previous scan outcome.
    • If there is any progress on license scan, TSC will discuss about required modifications and include them into next release. This Release 11.2022 will complete with exceptions if needed.
  • Release vote will be conducted through offline vote. Voting outcome will be updated at this page.
    • Vote outcome: 4 approve, 0 object and 3 no opinion. Total 7 vote expected.
    • Release 11.2022 has been approved.

Action Items