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Discussion items

10minAnuket TSC Jan 2021 calendar
  • Standing Anuket TSC at 6a PT Tuesdays
  • First Anuket TSC  
  • Doodle poll for pre-end of year meet & greet
  • Marketing launch  
  • Al Morton  and Scot Steele  to confirm with communities that Jan 5 is the start of Anuket
15minAnuket release artifacts
  • CNTT TSC short discussion of using artifacts
  • Proposal:
  • Defer project inclusion discussions to the Anuket TSC
  • How do we handle the interface between the specifications and projects?
    • Requirements WG
  • TSC specifically sets strategic direction for the projects
  • #agree T
30minAnuket Release process
  • Review of release process proposal and call for volunteers
25minOrganizational structure
  • Concerns from CNTT TSC meeting
  • Business coordination function
5minEnd of 2020 schedule

Action items

  • Al Morton  to confirm with OPNFV community that Jan 5 is the start of Anuket
  • Scot Steeleto confirm with CNTT community that Jan 5 is the start of Anuket

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