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  • Discuss Organizational Structure options
  • Determine coming week actions items and assignments

Discussion items

Welcome - Agenda Review

 20 MinDiscuss Top level Straw-person 

Review of latest Straw-person

Seek consensus in TF

Offer Straw-person to community at large for Vote?

25 minDiscuss Project/Work-stream Structure options

Domain based organizational Structure

5 minReview task list and determine actions for the coming weekAll


Discussed Items:

Action items

  • Confirm Trevor/Scott as the Co-leads
  • Discuss Interium TSC with the Ops/TSC TF
  • Heather Kirksey to develop more robust definitions and thoughts on the interim TSC
  • Scot Steele to send Structure Slide to team
  • Task Force should consider proposal on which OPNFV projects continue/Merge/End, as well as a process to make ongoing decisions.

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