Primary Owner: ONAP+OPNFV+CNCF

Contacts:  Frederick Kautz Kanagaraj Manickam Trevor Cooper Ryan Hallahan

Step 1: What are the framework available today. (orchestrator and output gathering)

Step 2: Analysing the framework available and if can be utilised today and where they fit.

Step 3: how to use them and empower them.

Framework to support OVP across different test tools

VNF Test Platform (VTP) - VNFSDK project in ONAP

It provides following options:

  1. to run the test cases across different tools (as profile) which can vary across run-time like java, python, etc. More details
  2. to generates the results supported by OVP portal , for any test cases executed across different tools, so tools no need to any result translation. More details
  3. to orchestrate the test cases across different tools (demostrated in ONS EU 2019 conference) More Details

To support CNF testing in ONAP, proposal is presented to 'ONAP CNF Task force' and 'ONAP arch sub-committee'. More details

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  1. Frederick Kautz Kanagaraj Manickam Trevor Cooper Ryan Hallahan   Are there any updates that can be shared on this front in a future?  I see Kanagaraj has proposed VTP, but I also know RC-1 is using Xtesting as the overall test framework.  I'm curious if there is any preliminary thoughts here.