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This is the proposed schedule for the Unconference Rooms.  Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Topic details can be found here: Unconf Topic Proposals

Both Gorilla 4 and 5 have the capacity of 50 people in each room in crescent round arrangement.

Topic leaders may move their topics to an available time slot or negotiate with other topic leaders to adjust times. All times are in Antwerp local time (CEST).

Day 1TimeRoomSessionTopic Leader
Mon 23rd

9:00Gorilla 4CNTT reference implementation and verification in OPNFV
Gorilla 5Available
10:00Gorilla 4Available
Gorilla 5ONAP and Cisco NSO IntegrationOlivier Dugeon
11:00Gorilla 4A Look at OPX Architecture and Latest ReleaseJoe Ghalam
Gorilla 5Blockchain based Telecom Solutions (Hyperledger Telecom SIG)Vipin Rathi
15:30Gorilla 4ETSI ZSM + OSN Days Bonn Recap DiscussionKlaus Martiny 
Gorilla 5VNF Testing standardiztion under TMF API
16:30Gorilla 4Discuss automation requirements for MEC during the whole life cycle of MEC application
Gorilla 5Discuss C-RAN/O-RAN requirement on cloud platform
Day 2TimeRoomSessionTopic Leader
Tues 24th

11:00Gorilla 4Available
Gorilla 5Test frameworks and tools for CNTT
11:45Gorilla 4OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) Meeting
Gorilla 5Integration of VSPERF and DANM
13:50Gorilla 4ONAP El Alto Doc HackathonSofia Wallin
Gorilla 5CNI Round TableTomofumi Hayashi
14:35Gorilla 4ONAP El Alto Doc Hackathon (Continued)
Gorilla 5OPNFV Closed Loop Automation Working Group
15:20Gorilla 4CNTT and CNCF TUG Common API FrameworkSukhdev Kapur
Gorilla 5SNAS: real-time network routing monitoring and analyticsAlistair King
16:20Gorilla 4LFN MAC Meeting
Gorilla 5Host maintenance with Fenix
17:05Gorilla 4LFN MAC Meeting
Gorilla 5An introduction of open source network project Mizar and further discussion

Yin Ding ,Ying Xiong

Day 3TimeRoomSessionTopic Leader
Wed 25th

11:15Gorilla 4Virtual Central Office Demo 3.0
Gorilla 5Improving ONAP interoperability & Adoption with API Fabric
12:00Gorilla 4Virtual Central Office Demo 3.0
Gorilla 5Available
13:50Gorilla 4ONAP as a unified MEC-in-NFV OrchestratorSriram Rupanagunta
Gorilla 5EUAG - As Per Unconference Agenda
14:35Gorilla 4Available

Gorilla 5EUAG - As Per Unconference Agenda
15:20Gorilla 4Available
Gorilla 5Available
16:15Gorilla 4Technical Advisory Council  (TAC)
Gorilla 5Available
17:00Gorilla 4Technical Advisory Council (TAC) (Continued) Jason Hunt Casey Cain
Gorilla 5Available