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Recordings can be found here: Event Recordings Jan '19

Organizer or Presenter(s)

Session Title

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Thierry Evanno

Jonne Soininen

Nokia Local Management Welcome

Nokia Open Source Initiatives

Roberto KungOrange Welcome to the Community

Heather Kirksey, Phil Robb, Kenny PaulRemarks for the Linux Foundation and Meeting Logistics

Erwan Duval

Barbara Orlandi

Nokia Lunch Demos
  • SDM Expert - Solving data migration challenges
  • 5G NetWork Slicing

OPNFV TSC MembersOPNFV TSC MeetingRegular TSC mtg
OPNFV Gambia RetrospectiveReview Gambia release and identify areas for improvement

DCAE-PNDA Integration; Overview, Status and next Steps

Overview of the PNDA-DCAE integration - that became available with Casablanca. Discussion of current status and evolution of the integration.

PNDA LFN Board Review short.pptx

Intern Lightning Talks

Each intern will do a 10 minute lightning talk about their project, followed by 3 minutes of questions.

  1. Alisha Aneja
  2. Girish Lingappa
  3. Amir Mohamad
  4. Adarsh Pal Singh
LFN documentation

ONAP documentation

OPNFV Testing Pain Points and Requirements

Testing pain point and requirement discussion what attendees have. Some topics:

  • OpenStack services in containers (apex)
  • Functest skips features testing. Should always test
  • OpenStack Fenix gerrit patch set to trigger Apex snapshot deployment and testing on top of it

Doctor - Rolling Maintenance and Enhanced Fault Management Demo

I) Doctor maintenance use case demo using new OpenStack Fenix. ETSI defined, OPNFV Doctor refined, Implemented in OpenStack.

II) Doctor enhanced fault management demo. Now many times faster.

Presentation has demo as video, so linked here as size is too big:
Doctor - Rolling Infrastructure Maintenance and Enhanced Fault Management

Doctor - OpenStack Fenix BoF

From Doctor maintenance requirements to OpenStack Fenix. Fenix project update and discussion

ONAP Edge Architecture/Implementation & OPNFV/OpenStack Edge Efforts Collaboration

ONAP Dublin deep dive

a. Analytics as a Service - Dileep Ranganathan Srinivasa Addepalli ramki krishnan

Big data analytics that include collection, analysis and closed loop actions are best performed closer to the data source. Analytics include infrastructure analytics, VNF specific analytics and application (including IOT-5G) centric analytics.

One of the major challenges to enable analytics near data source is bringing up analytics framework at various cloud regions and then bringing up analytics applications on demand basis. This presentation discusses the method to automate steps involved in deploying analytics framework and analytics applications. This presentation details on

  • Automation of analytics framework, application deployment using existing ONAP mechanisms
  • Configuration orchestration across multiple components of analytics applications and framework, again using existing ONAP mechanisms.
  • Gaps in achieving above and the enhancements required in existing ONAP components.
  • Gaps in achieving analytics that need NFVI metrics, VNF metrics and application metrics.
  • needs and mechanisms to deploy ML/DL training and inferring analytics
  • Popular technologies expected in analytics framework by analytics application vendors and guidelines to develop analytics applications.
  • Integrating other 3rd Party Analytics frameworks and applications

b. Fine Grained Placement Service (F-GPS) - GUEYOUNG JUNG, Arun Gupta, ramki krishnan

  • Distributed DC Modelling

Dublin & Beyond - Distributed ONAP/3rd Party Management Application Architecture - Vimal Begwani ramki krishnan Srinivasa Addepalli @Mike Elliott

  • Deployment workflow with OOM
  • Distributed System Management Leveraging K8S

Dublin & Beyond - Managing MEC Apps with ONAP - Srinivasa Addepalli, Huang Haibin

  • Presentation & Discussion
  • Demo - In ONAP R3 cycle, we have done some development and testing to extending ONAP into Edge Computing.

OpenStack/OPNFV Edge Initiatives and ONAP Collaboration - R.Prakash R.Prakash

Functest on steroids
  • verify VIM in production
  • parallel testing
  • OpenStack & Kubernetes master
  • Raspberry PI

Functest 2019
  • python packages
  • 10/10
  • functional gates
  • etc...
Kubernetes based Cloud-region support in ONAP to bring up VM and container based VNFs/workloads

Kubernetes is becoming a site orchestrator choice to deploy network functions and application workloads in cloud-regions. ONAP is being enhanced to bring up VNFs and workloads as VMs and containers in K8S based cloud-regions. This presentation details following:

  • Current K8S based use cases in industry
  • NFV requirements
  • Pre-work that was done in R3 to support K8S based cloud-regions.
  • Architecture
  • User Stories for Dublin Release
  • vFirewall Demo

David McBrideDaily HuddleGather input and document activity from each OPNFV session and organization.
David McBrideOPNFV Release Process Working Group - High Level Process Description (part I)Finalize high-level release process description.
David McBrideOPNFV Release Process Working Group - High Level Process Description (part 2)Finalize high-level release process description.
David McBrideOPNFV Release Process Working Group - Establish milestonesFinalize high-level release process description.
ONAP Control Loop Sub CommitteeCollaborate on Dublin Priorities
Pamela DragoshONAP Policy FrameworkPolicy How To/Presentations/Demo

VNF Test Tool For CVC – VNFSDK & VVP & Dovetail

Integrate VNF Test Tool(VNFSDK-VTP & VVP) Comes from ONAP with Dovetail/OVP Portal

Kevin McDonnell

5GTANGO V&V integration with ONAP.

Highlight the existing test platform , V&V, in 5GTANGO that works currently with OSM and discuss potential for collaborative testing with ONAP and VNFSDK/ VTP in particular.

V&V will have the ability to invoke tests and publish results of ONAP Certified VNF Packages

OVP - LFN verified program of OPNFV and ONAP
  • Introduce current state of OVP and what comes in the future
  • Demo of how to run some OVP tests (including OPNFV and ONAP)
  • Show how to use the OVP web portal

Data Collection and Analytics Engine (DCAE) - ONAP

Dublin Plans and beyond.

OPNFV Clover: Utilizing cloud native technologies for NFV
  • Clover utilizes Istio, Prometheus, and Jaeger to provide container networking polices and visibility
  • It also provides a cloud native network tracing tool to augment traces provided by Istio/Envoy
  • Demo on visibility and network tracing to demonstrate how they can help in CI/CD pipeline

Yang Xu

Brian Freeman (AT&T)

ONAP Use Case Development
  • Review vCPE use case implementation
  • Discuss on how to separate use case custom code from ONAP platform

ONAP Use Case -BBS
  • Review Use Case
  • Continue detail workflow and ONAP impact
Challenges in using ONAP and opportunities to improve

Intel internal teams that use ONAP as users had good feedback and wanted to share same here

  • Challenges faced during installation
  • Challenges faced during usage
  • Stability and performance challenges
  • Suggestions for improvement

Edge Cloud Project/OVP/StarlingX
  • Overview of the Edge Cloud Project
  • StarlingX
  • OVP Integration
  • Resources

Considerations for Scalability As We Move Toward Dublin & Beyond 

As we begin our 4th release it is time to take stock of where we've been and how we move forward on our open source journey.

Alla GoldnerONAP Usecase subcommittee meeting

Use cases and functional requiremenbts - harmonization for Dublin release

Compliance and Verification ProgramsEvolution and long term strategy planning for for the LFN compliance and verification programs.

Service OrchestratorService Orchestrator Dublin and beyond...

Demonstrate the full life cycle of an L2 forwarder VNF using Yardstick NSB and ONAP
  • Use a Sample VNF from OPNFV – L2 forwarder
  • Show how we can do perf. benchmarking using OPNFV Yardstick NSB
  • Onboard the VNF onto ONAP
  • Deploy the VNF using ONAP onto an OPNFV OpenStack scenario

 Steven Wright

(remote presentation from USA) 

 ONAP VNF Certification

 Proposed VNF Badges for Dublin

Process to engage

ONAP VNF Certification 2.pdf
Jessica Wagantall & Bengt ThureeLF Release Engineering Roadmap & Recommendations for ONAPDiscussion and reggestopon
ONAP Experience from CMCC LabONAP R3 Use Case in CMCC Lab

Yan YangONAP VF-C Dublin Planning
  • Overview of VF-C Casablanca Status
  • Dublin plan

ONAP Usecase-UI Dublin Planning


Yan Yang

(Remote presentation from China, please help to assign a time slot in the morning in France time)

  • Overview of CCVPN Usecase
  • Demo
  • Dublin plan

Presentation material is the wiki page:

ONAP CCVPN E-LAN Service Use Case (Dublin)
  • Dublin extension of CCVPN Use Case (E-LAN services)
  • Discussion on Implementation options

Lingli Deng

(Remote presentation from China)

SP Requirements for ETSI NFV Alignment
  • Survey Report on SP Requirements for ETSI NFN Alignment
  • Proposal discussion for Collaboration between ONAP and OPFV to help

Lingli Deng

Yan Yang

(Remote presentation from China)

Generic TOSCA Parser For both Service Design and Run Time Orchestration
  • Requirement Analysis for Generic TOSCA Parser
  • Gap Analysis for potential candidates and current implementation
  • Proposal discussion for Collaboration between ONAP and OPFV to help
SDC Type Analysis: 

Generic tosca parser:

VNF Benchmarking with OPNFV Yardstick NSB(Network Services Benchmarking) 

  • Presentation/Intro
  • Introductory lab where you will
    • learn how to install Yardstick-NSB on bare metal,
    • configure it and characterize NVFI and a sample VNF. 
    • Visualize results/KPI's

For the NSB LAB session, users are expected to have:

  • Putty and Mozilla Firefox installed in laptops.

NSB LAB guide:

SSH tunnel set-up guide:

Alex Xia

Sriram Rupanagunta

Demonstrate the design and deployment of a Mobile Content Cloud (MCC) Network Service using ONAP
  • Use Affirmed Networks' MMC related VNFs and onboard them through SDC design tool
  • Create a single Network service using these VNFs through SDC

  • Perform SDN-C preload of VNFs

  • Deploy Network service (MCC) using VID in ONAP portal

  • Post-deployment configuration for the VNFs

OPNFV Edge Cloud Project/StarlingX/Edge Pharos Spec
  • Define Edge Spec for Pharos lab
  • StarlingX integration with XCI

Edge Cloud experience from China Mobile
  • Experience of CMCC on edge cloud testing (OpenStack & Acceleration)

ONAP multi-architecture  container images

In 2015 and early 2016 the Docker community created the v2.2 image specification with a new type—a manifest list—to represent a list of platforms (OS, CPU architecture, etc) and references to platform specific layers for different runtimes.

In September 2017 Docker's Official Images became multi-platform. Running "run docker run hello-world" will pull and run the correct hello-world image whether you are using ARM, x86-64 Linux, Windows, IBM Z mainframes or any other system where Docker runs.

Because ONAP is vendor-agnostic, multi-platform support in the container ecosystem brings capabilities the ONAP community has been waiting for a long time.

The introduction of multi-architecture images will improve usability and deployability of ONAP containers across architectures and platforms. Developers no longer need workarounds such as adding an architecture-specific prefix to image names.

This session will:
  • Introduce the key concepts behind mult-architecture container images.
  • Describe and discuss what it means for a container image (e.g. Docker) to be multi-architecture.
  • Demonstrate how multi-arch images are built

Byung-Woo Jun, Michael MorrisSO Plug-In support VNFM using ETSI NFV SOL003

SO Adapter which uses ETSI NFV SOL003 to connect VNFM

  • Dublin Use Cases and Requirements
  • SO VNFM Adapter Architecture Proposal

PNF Pre-onboarding and PNF Onboarding Use Case, PNF packagePNF PreOnboarding and PNF Onboarding (delivery of PNF Onboarding package, NFSDK validation, SDC DS handling of the PNF Package, and PNFD to Platform Model)



Al MortonOPNFV Test-WG face2face meetingTopic include Test API, Harmonization of Test tools (definition and goals), others.

IRC channel: #opnfv-testperf @ Freenode

Al Morton Sridhar Rao

VSPERF Long Duration Testing & Cross-NUMA TestingTracking the effects of Transient Interrupts and dataplane impacts, and Measuring cost of cross-NUMA traffic to Dataplane performance.

Wiki Pages with status/results:

Al Morton Sridhar Rao

Container-izing Test ToolsAs part of the evolution to cloud-native, test tools are migrating to  implementation in containers. What are the best design choices that the community agrees on now? Best Practices?

Linda HornCommon FM and PM Meta Data Artifact for 5GFormat, content and usage of a common FM meta data artifact and PM Dictionary artifact for 5G NFs.FM PM Artifacts for 5G Use Case.pptx


(remote presentation from China, please help to assign a time slot in the morning in France time)

ONAP service information model
  • overview of the status
  • Dublin plan
  • CCVPN service IM and DM requirements

Presentation material is the wiki page:

Mark Scott3GPP Bulk PM Handling Use CasesOverview

Presentation material is on the wiki page:

Architecture - how to document our ONAP architecture There is a need to more deeply describe the ONAP architecture.  Starting with what is there, not only from a component perspective but also on how it works through the variaous lifecycle steps.  This session is to discuss this and the way forward 

Dublin Architecture Requirements Updated presentation on the dublin architecture requirements 

Stephen Terrill   ONAP Architecture PrioritiesWorking discussion on the ONAP architecture prioritized topics 

 Stephen Terrill , othersJoint Architecture and modelling session Joint meeting to go into common architecture and modelling topics.  Suggestion to focus on how to represent the NSD internally 

ONAP architecture - Orchestration scenarios A report from the  ONAP archticture task force into orchestration scenarios

 Hui Deng , others

ONAP SDO coordinator report and invite SDO speech 

There were official SDO coordinator officer link here:

We will give a yearly report and invite one SDO speech during the session which is most influential

Pawel Pawlak

@Damian Nowak

ONAP Mini Summit PL 2018 Takeaways

Summary of ONAP Mini Summit organized in November in Warsaw.

We will share main outputs and takeaways from the event.

Lei Huang @Changjun Wang Bin Yang @Howard Huang

(remote presentation from China,please help to assign a time slot in the morning in France time)

Acceleration Management

As we know, HPA provides ONAP with capability of awareness of underlying hardware platform, and with that ONAP is able to leverage HPA features, such as DPDK and SR-IOV to locate and onboard VNFs on the right platforms for the purpose of performance mostly. However with maturity of ONAP and requirements of new VNFs, there exist some gaps inside the current HPA framework, for example, ambiguity tolerance in TOSCA templates and service assurance after VNF onboarding.

Apart from the above, taking edge computing or 5G as an example, we're facing more and more new workloads and new scenarios, where high bandwidth and low latency are highly required in the requirements. For instance, those VNFs which do real-time analysis and diagnosis on surveillance video stream need accelerators like GPU and FPGA evidently to achieve the goals, and should consider and plan corresponding life-cycle management, hardware metrics monitoring, QoS, etc. for the accelerators.

In the presentation, we're about to cover the following:

- Gaps between the existing HPA framework and the new requirements on accelerators

- Difference between HPA and acceleration management

- Framework proposal to support acceleration management in ONAP

- Changes to enhance ONAP and the HPA framework

- Interoperability with Multi-Cloud and VIMs

- Our plans

Chuyi Guo

(remote presentation from China)

 Introduction of Commercial NFVO Products

 Chuyi Guo

(remote presentation from China)

 Network Service Model for Dublin Release

 Marian SkorupaOrange ONAP first real life operational implementation

Presentation of the lesson learned from I phase of GNOCe  virtual robot implentation, ONAP PITEC, to monitor the quality of network management systems access in Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain and Romania. This was possible thanks to the use of some of the capabilities of ONAP. In the first phase, ONAP is used to on-board and instantiate IPTEC probe VNFs, and to collect measurements results through VES collector and DMaaP.

In a  second phase, the use of ONAP should be extended to:

-       control loops development,

-       ONAP analytics integration,

-       PITEC re-configuration based on thresholds,

-       Integration with external ticketing system.

 NBI enhancement, service modification & notifications

Improving NBI TM Forum API for bss & oss means more integration with

  • AAI
  • SO
  • SDC



  • service modification ( get characteristics & values from AAI )
  • more notifications ( from AAI, SO, SDC )


Airship integration in XCI

Discuss the current status of integrating Airship in XCI and define the next steps. We are starting with openstack-helm and consecutively add more Airship components.

Alexis de Talhouët

Sylvain Desbureaux

Yuriy Malakov

Eric Debeau

(remote presentation)

ONAP - pre and post instantiation configuration

Present the evolution of platform component: Service Orchestration & Controller Design Studio; enabling self-serve to address pre and post instantiation configuration use cases.

ONAP MultiCloud Dublin PlanningGo through list of proposals and prioritize the commitment in Dublin Release

ONAP MultiCloud Casablanca new features demoa Live demo to showcase the multicloud capability of automate on-boarding of multiple edge clouds

The Zoom video is too big to upload the wiki, so I upload to cloud disk of Baidu, you can access it by

Demo video:


Weitao GaoVNFSDK Weekly meetingWeekly VNFSDK team meeting. Goal is to dive deeper into the scope of Dublin Release,
Xprojects collaboration on integration

OPNFV functional testing provides some trust indication on the major infrastructures (OpenStack and K8S).

As ONAP is now installed on top of K8S usually on top of OpenStack, it is important to trust the infrastructure hosting ONAP deployement before running deployements and tests.

OPNFV testing capabilities could be reused.

Additionnaly Pharos resources could eventually be used by ONAP on top of OPNFV scenarios.

CCVPN Use Case Impacts on External API

Discuss the impacts of the Dublin release CCVPN Use Case on External API from both a Legato (Northbound: BSS/OSS to ONAP) and Interlude (East/West: ONAP to ONAP) perspective.

Also discuss MEF Interlude Alignment 

Could be done as a breakout.

Request Wednesday breakout session due to participant availability.

Security sub-commitee report and dublin requirements 

Update from SECCOM, including preliminary draft generic security requirements, milestone checklist additions, casablance in review, Dublin requirements.

Security sub-committee dublin priorities Brainstorm to identify and prioritize dublin SECCOM focus topics 

Janne Suominen

Mika Rautakumpu

Augmented Reality demo

on Edge Cloud

Augmented Reality demo

on Edge Cloud using

OpenEdge HW

5G Use Cases for Dublin:

  • Configuration with NETCONF
  • PNF SW Upgrade
Presentation of use cases and proposed scope for Dublin

Let's Move Everything to KubernetesCan Kubernetes be used as the delivery mechanism for "legacy" VNFs as well as CNFs, from data center to edge? Is it inevitable? Is it even a good idea?

Now that I got your attention, I will propose the "KNFM" initiative, combining the following:
  1. Kubernetes = both VIM and NFM equivalent
  2. KubeVirt to handle the "V" in VNF
  3. An operator for "legacy" lifecycle management (OpenStack Heat compatible) = G-VNFM equivalent
  4. Custom operators (e.g. Ansible operators) to allow for vendor enhancements = S-VNFM equivalent
  5. Multus to attach the data plane (as well as the expanded control plane that some VNFs require)
  6. A controller to manage these extra networks
  7. ONAP on top for management and integration: OpenDaylight for SDN, TOSCA for stitching together network services, BPMN for OSS/BSS, A&AI, DCAE

The technological ecosystem is almost there, it just needs an additional nudge to bring the pieces together.

Borislav Glozman

Patrick Maguire

5G: Network Slicing Use Case5G Network Slicing Modeling and Orchestration in ONAP - use case presentation and discussion (please find materials here)please find materials here
ONAP Security Risk Assessment

In this creative session, we'll identify security risks: threats and vulnerabilities for the assets in ONAP deployment. This is a continuing exercise from the F2F event in Beijing in June. The target of the assessment is a typical ONAP deployment with any needed assumptions on the deployment environment. Probably we need a few typical-ones like private cloud, public cloud.

After the risk identification, we'll do rating: risk impact & risk probability → risk level. The risks with unacceptable high level shall be mitigated, by adding items on projects' backlogs as necessary.

A fictious example, to give you a more concrete view:
-Asset: VNF O&M passwords stored in ONAP
-Threat (can be several per asset): unauthorized disclosure
-Vulnerability (can be several per threat): passwords included in plain text in a log file
-Risk mitigation: do not include any passwords in log files

For more info, please see Risk Assessment concepts, definitions, process:

Recording: ONAP Security Risk Assessment Workshop.mp4

ONAP on Service Mesh

To ease operation of ONAP deployment, we explored running containerized ONAP components on Istio-K8S. By leveraging OPNFV Clover, we also gained more visibility into the deployment. In this presentation, we will present:

·         The general benefits of running microservice pattern application on a service mesh

·         How such deployment will benefit ONAP?

·         What is OPNFV Clover, and how it helps microservice based applications via augmenting Istio?

·         Demo

 ONAP modeling subcommittee report Current modeling progress readout which include resource/service IM and DM
 ONAP modeling subcommittee F2F meeting Regular modeling subcommittee meeting
ONAP Change Management Dublin Extensions

Regular Change Management meeting where we will discuss our plans for Dublin

  1. E2E Workflow Designer/Orchestrator (Includes all existing Activities/BBs)
  2. Schedule Optimization with Automated Conflict Avoidance
  3. Traffic Migration Workflow
  4. 5G PNF Software Upgrade

Docs hacking

Full day hands-on session dedicated documentation. Open to work on or discuss,

  • Project specific documentation
  • Composite/overview documentation

ONAP/OSM harmonizationHigh Level solution proposed by Amdocs

ONAP offline deployments

Presentation about current state of ONAP offline deployments

 Milind JalwadiONAP - Road to complete automation during instantiation, scale-out and scale-in operations

There are still manual steps involved in getting VNFs on-boarded  and during scale out operations.

This presentation and discussion is aimed to give a “consolidated” view of “all” that is required to achieve a zero touch or completely automated operations during service onboarding / instantiation, scale-out, scale-in operations and getting required configurations in place during this process.

PGP key management hygienePresentation will cover recent PGP-related vulnerabilities discovered in most of mail clients and some suggestions how to manage a Vulnerability Reporting PGP key.slides
Jason HuntPlatform Maturity Requirements (S3P) for DublinReview of Platform Maturity requirements planned for Dublin

Thinh NguyenphuSOL001 VNF Descriptor Extensions & ExamplesDetail analysis between ETSI SOL001 v2.5.1 vs ONAP vCPE use case CSAR and VNFD. Key finding of the comparision

Thinh Nguyenphu

NSD modeling service template drafting

working session to prepare network service descriptor (NSD) based on vCPE use case.

Summary report VNFD and NSD to Modeling Sub-ComSummary report to Modeling Sub-Comm on Friday

CVC Procedure Workflow

LFN Compliance testing -

  1. CVC Challenges and suggestion for success
  2. High Level review of CVC Procedure Worklows and Next major items to work on to get long term direction worked during CVC meetings
ONAP Integration-OPNFV CI/CD ToolsDiscussion on Orange integration tool chain to be used for all LFN projects as well as using for integrating all the LFN components. Morgan and Yang Xu (PTL integ lead) will work it
Catherine LefevreONAP TSC Dublin Prioritization Sessions A&B

The TSC Prioritization regarding Dublin release requirements was presented on the ONAP TSC call on January 3rd, 2018.

This meeting will capture (and solve if possible) any remaining question/concern raised by PTLs prior their M1 (Planning milestone) submission.


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