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The purpose of this page it to capture requirements for VNFSDK and VVP projects in regards to CVC testing.

Remaining Task:

  1. Verison List: We would like ask help from our LFN CVC to encourage more VNF supplier participating.
  2. System Under Test: We need to collect information regarding this issue. currently, ONAP Casablanca release only related Package validation, we could leave this in ONAP Dublin release.

Requirements come from VNFSDK





VNF Test Portal

Standalone VNF Test Portal and Unified entry with OVP

We could build the VNF Test page based on Dovetail original framework and we also need a LFN CVC portal to navigate VNF/NFVI test?


Identify a Unique VNF Product


VNF Version

VNF Name

Product Name(optional)

VNF Type (helps to identify the specific Network function)

Vendor email/phone(Optional)

VNF description

 These column show the information that listed under requirements.

Identify a Unique VNFDVNFDIdFrom ETSI perspective, VNFD could be identified by a VNFDID(could be UUID or the combined string with

VNF Model Language

Type : [TOSCA Based or Heat Based]

Template version:

Identify the version of TOSCA Spec of HOT



Test Case Stage

VNFSDK Define the VNF Test period(packaging test, Lifecycle Test, Functional Test, long term: performance test



VNF cloud supported

Supported NFVI details (Link to registered NFVI in OVP if available. Otherwise add )



ONAP/3rd Party MANO products version supported

Supported ONAP/Runtime version. Helps for operator to pick the appropriate ONAP version certified.

 used for Lifecycle test/Function test in the future.


Test Case Optional and mandatory



Dovetail portal already support by using a configuration file

Participation Form

Need a separate VNF Participation Form



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