Topic Leaders: Ranny Haiby


This is a brainstorming session. The LFN TAC Whitepaper proposed potential integrations between LFN projects. It is time to discuss how to make such integration happen. This session is intended for Subject Matter Experts from the LFN Projects, as well as end users who could provide real use cases to work on. The goal of this session is to come up with a plan for follow up work and assign roles and responsibilities.



  1. Look at ONES demo proposals - reach out to Brandon Wick
  2. Joint TSC discussions
  3. Proposal to have a technical work stream under the TAC
  4. How to motivate people to get engaged? How do you get them to stay
  • how to reconcile potential overlapping functionalities between external LFN Projects functionalities and internal project components i.e. DCAE/PNADA
  • Challenges with integrating ONAP with different SDN Controllers /ONAP does currently support different controllers Openstack/k8s
  • how do we support/provide env for integrating ONAP with other SDN Controller
  • Traditionally, LFN pavillion at ONES provided opportunities for showcasing LFN projects integration opportunities
  • LFN Call for Proposal for integration projects for the September ONES
  • LFN members should take the lead on proposing integration projects
  • Is there a wiki page that documents the Project integration Process?
  • Current process is done via email, Brandon W. is the current LFN contact
  • Projects integration has to bring value to the members to encourage participation
  • Where is the best forum to discuss these integration projects?
    • Pairwise TCS Sessions?
    • Stakeholders need to commit and be engaged
    • LFN TAC may be the best place to discuss
    • Propose Technical work sessions at the LFN level
  • Create a platform for people to connect, gauge interest then formalize the process
  • a Placeholder on the next LFN TAC meeting agenda will be created to discuss this topic

Action items