(Baseline draft posted 11/1/2019 - please comment on suggested updates and changes)

Knowledge Base/Information Management Guidelines 

  1. All CNTT WS have wiki pages that are now accessible off the main CNTT page. WS Contributors, please begin to manage your knowledge base / information accordingly. Try to keep information structured and intuitive.
  2. Limit a WS page/sub-pages to content that is directly related to and or unique the workstream itself so as not to replicate information, nor provide too much information.
    1. Cross-link whenever possible. If you have workstream specific content that the broader community should expose on the main CNTT wiki or elsewhere—again, please let folks know and we can find the best page(s) to ‘point to’ your content.
    2. For example, master information source already exists for Meetings in GitHub – feel free to add your zoom meeting here. Jim Baker can set up with a meeting ID/login for hosts.
    3. General Information for CNTT already exists (and is constantly being upgraded) on the main CNTT wiki.
  3. If you create sub-pages from your main WS main page, please ensure it cascades accordingly and shows up in the main page tree (hint: use the Children Display macro)
  4. If you need to create sub-pages for deeper dive topics, create them based on topics that are broad enough but not too broad. Topics should map to a single page and not cut across multiple page topics if at all possible.
  5. If you have non-workstream specific content that supports the broader community—let us know and we can find the best page outside your workstream to post it and figure out how to manage it based on priority.
  6. We do have a basic template/approach for meeting minutes—see this Governance Steering meetings page.
  7. Please communicate out as info and processes are created and deployed online so folks can abreast of where information and activity are ‘flowing’.
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