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Running List of Action Items from the Governance Steering Committee (GSC). Started as of the 10-17-2019 Governance Steering Committee Meeting.


  • F2F Planning - Assess opportunity for GSMA offer to host London CNTT event in 2020 Rick Tennant


  • RI and RC WS Qiao Fu Michael Fix (AT&T) let governance know when ready to give healthy update on RI and RC and will schedule extended time box during governance call. Walk thru/demo also recommended.
  • Governance Jonathan Beltran send out CNCF TUG link to list services to solicit folks to attend KubeCon NA 2019 and link to Brainstorming agenda items.
  • Prague F2F Planning Rick Tennant for Prague F2F planning develop specific use cases for hack sessions.


  • F2F Workshop Planning WS to have rough outline of agenda for review by Gov in a couple weeks. Rick Tennant
  • Governance Strategy & Oversight WS  work to develop process and procedure document initial version, review with community for approval in 4-5 wks. 
    • Process and procedures should have pathway to fold CNTT into OPNFV/etc. Beth Cohen volunteered to help align here.
  • Per Gergely Csatari there is a offer to help provide a Lab in Slack. Can someone (Michael Fix (AT&T)?) check that out? 
    • MikeF - Status 11/14 (Closed).  Addressed Jean Pierre's initial concerns/questions in email, and informed him that CNTT is available for additional dialogue at any time, especially with any information where Jean Pierre believes his Company can be of assistance.  Status (10/24): We received questions via email from about Lab Ownership, Support, Requirements, etc,  Jean Pierre has also expressed an interest to see if he (his team) can be of assistance to our team.  We've prepared a response to Jean Pierre's questions, and will be contacting him to discuss where his team can be of service.   
  • AIl - if anyone would like to help plan for Prague F2F Workshop please join the F2F Workshop Planning WSJim Baker and Rick Tennant are co-leads. 
  • Post write up of MWC LA 2019 for folks to review Mark Cottrell 


  • Work Heather Kirksey to respond to Light Reading article, update overall messaging Mark Cottrell
  • Put CNTT overview slides on wiki for use Mark Cottrell
  • All - form a marketing strategy and messaging to include CNFs in messaging, .e.g. RC3 will likely turn towards CNFs 
  • All - RI needs additional leads/contributors 
  • All vendor partners - review and consider filling gaps in CNTT WS as per CNTT Structure ppt.

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