• Nomination Period: March 13 - March 25 , 2019
  • Voting Period: March 25 - March 29, 2019 (will be done via Condorcet)

This election is for the TAC Representative to the Board.  This position will be for 1 year unless otherwise updated by the TAC.

If you are interested in running in the interim GB representative election, please enter your nomination statement/bio in the table below by 5PM Pacific Time on February 26th.  

Name/OrganizationNomination Statement/BioNotes
Jason Hunt, IBM

I am a Distinguished Engineer at IBM focused on telecommunications and cloud.  I have been a member of the ONAP TSC since its inception, where I’ve led the efforts around platform maturity.  I’ve also been on the LFN TAC since its inception.  Within IBM, I lead our open source networking efforts.


I do believe in having projects’ voices represented at the governing board level, but I also acknowledge the difficulties encountered to-date in changing the LFN governing structure. In the interim, I believe it’s critical to the operation of LFN to have a current TAC member engaged directly with the governing board.  If elected to this position, I will do my best to faithfully present the TAC’s consensus positions to the governing board and advocate for those positions, while sharing governing board activities with the TAC.  With regards to projects, I believe it is unrealistic to expect any one person to understand the needs of all the LFN projects.  However, I will work closely with the TAC Projects’ representatives (and board committer representative) to relay project needs to the governing board.

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