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LF Staff: Kenny Paul, Brandon Wick Casey Cain
Committee Members: Massimo BanziScott Blandford,  Ken KANISHIMA, Beth Cohen , Randy Levensalor
Guests:  Yuhan Zhang


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)


  • Intelligent Networking White Paper Status
    • Brandon Wick process of finishing the document
    • Unable to release in coordination with the ONE Summit - edits and a large number of announcements at the event
    • expect ready for publishing in the next day or two
    • Align with webinar - ~45 minutes prepared material and ~15 of Q&A
    • Focus on what has been done in support of the findings
    • Propose inviting Sridhar Rao from Anuket's Thoth project to participate in the webinar
    • Panelists: Beth Cohen,  Massimo Banzi,  Sridhar Rao Lei Huang Yuhan Zhang  
    • Recommendation for early December date

  • LFN Developer & Testing Forum, Jan 10-13, 2022
  • EUAG Mission Discussion
    • 3 whitepapers published in the past year
    • Proposal for a whitepaper focused committee/group
    • current EUAG Charter: EUAG Governance Docs
    • current mission statement: 

      Mission. The Governing Board of LFN has established the End User Advisory Group to assist and support LFN. The role of the End User Advisory Group shall be purely advisory in nature, and shall not in any way bind LFN or any member of the LFN

    • Discussion of Anuket Assured 
    • Randy Levensalor would like to see more hands-on community focused interaction - small group for whitepaper make sense- should align with the EUAG's mission
    • Scott Blandford providing operator priorities to the Project communities should be the focus - need to be influencing direction 
      • providing input on prioritizing the contents of a release 
      • surveys are valuable - unsure about whitepapers
    • Ken KANISHIMA agree with perspectives shared thus far
    • Massimo Banzi also want to align to our needs as a carrier - some topics are very important such as vendor independence   
    • Yuhan Zhang would like EUAG to provide recommendations for carriers to improve their operations  -  Agree with providing priorities to the Project communities
    • Beth Cohen believes that there is a good balance of telecom input to Anuket resulting from CNTT foundation - need to get input to the other communities
    • Need to promote the position of the EUAG membership 
    • Ideas
      • surveys a couple times a year based upon what the membership wants to know
      • webinar on findings as a readout
      • take results to the Project communities
    • Keep the focus on the big picture for technology direction - 
    • Active Project engagement members
      • TIM - following ONAP but not deeply involved
      • CMCC - ONAP, CVC 
      • Cable Labs - more CNCF focused, running ONAP in the lab.  Some conversations with LFEdge
      • NTTT - LF Edge engagement, but not much LFN.  Watching ONAP
    • Seems to be an interest in re-engaging Project communities. Drive things from an industry perspective not individual company

    • Next meeting
      • Drill down into what topics the EUAG is interested in pursuing in the coming year.
      • content for LFN's annual report 
      • Whitepaper committee composition
      • open APIs 

Action items

  • Beth Cohen provide a quick blurb for the event  page