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LF Staff: Kenny Paul, Heather Kirksey
Committee Members:  Lei Huang ,  Ken KANISHIMARandy LevensalorMassimo Banzi, Scott Blandford
Guests: Sridhar Rao, Scot Steele , Yuhan Zhang


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Staff Update
    • AI/ML Usecase
    • AI Whitepaper
    • Join Meeting with Anuket


  • AI/ML Usecase
    • Sridhar Rao shared a presentation on Anuket Thoth project
    • Data driven analytics
    • starting with failure prediction as first use case
    • Asking EUAG to provide samples of failure data to help training the model 
    • The data can be made anonymous t
    • Ideally we would like to build a scrubbed and anonymous open source dataset that can be public and used by anyone.

  • AI Whitepaper
    • Yuhan Zhang  shared a presentation on the status
    • Building a test and certification for intelligent networking is a common need
    • Recommend using OVP 3.0 badges


  • Join Meeting with Anuket
    • Teams met during the June DTF 
    • Would like to have another meeting between EUAG and Anuket TSC
    • Lei Huang will confer with Beth Cohen and will set it up

Action items

  • Sridhar Rao upload a PDF the Thoth slides shared today to these minutes  
  •  Yuhan Zhang upload a PDF the AI Whitepaper slides shared today to these minutes