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LF Staff: Jim Baker Brandon Wick Kenny Paul
Committee Members: Beth Cohen Fernando Oliveira Javier Ger Marc-Alexandre Choquette Lei Huang Ken KANISHIMA , Ryan Hallahan , Ahmed El SawafSaad Ullah Sheikh Brian Freeman Vincent Colas
Guests: Scott Blandford


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • Open topic- 5G adoption experience sharing white paper - Beth
    • NFV Testing Automation Whitepaper-
      • Analysis of  NFV Testing Automation Survey result (part 4-6) - Lei
      • NFV Testing Automation Whitepaper proposal - Lei
    • EUAG CSPs priorities for ONAP (Follow up) - Javier, Lei


5G Adoption experience white paper - topic proposal

  • Beth Cohen Saad Ullah Sheikh High level outline proposal
    1. What infrastructure, tool and orchestration is needed to support 5G?
    2. Role of Network slicing in 5G and how we can evolve it
    3. Assurance and use of ML/AI for 5G
    4. Does Open Source have a place?
    5. What is missing from an Open Source perspective?
    6. How can we fill the gaps?
  • targeting 15-20 pages including graphics.
  • Workspace for developing whitepaper:

Analysis of  NFV Testing Automation Survey result (part 4-6)

Next call - focus on the whitepaper

  • Javier Ger also volunteers to take on one chapter

EUAG CSPs priorities for ONAP (Follow up) - Javier, Lei

  • EUAG to collect top priorities for ONAP and complete template , then share with the requirements committee and TSC
  • ONAP asking for requirements before  

Proposal for a 3rd session @ October LFN Technical event

Action items

  • Lei Huangset up a meeting for  to discuss whitepaper
  • Jim Baker set up a new landing page for whitepaper collaboration  
  • Lei Huang distribute the new slides that rege presented today to these minutes  
  • Lei Huang will resend priority template