LF Staff: Jim Baker  Kenny Paul Brandon Wick
Committee Members: Atul Purohit Lei Huang  Ahmed El Sawaf  Javier Ger Ken KANISHIMA Yoshihiro Nakajima Ryan Hallahan Fernando Oliveira Marc-Alexandre Choquette Brian Freeman
Guests: Scott Blandford


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  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics


5G adoption white paper proposal - Atul Purohit

  • LFN Governing Board (GB) asked about gaining insight into 5G from the membership.
  • Atul Purohit shared a proposal for producing a 5G whitepaper.
  • A request from Arpit Joshipura for EUAG to work with LFN Marketing &  James Crawshaw to discuss 5G 
  • 3 key focus areas for introductory guides from LFN coming from the MAC
  • a detailed EUAG white paper on 5G should be complementary to the intro guides
  • 5G Paper Proposal Draft 0.2.pptx
  • Feedback on proposal
    • Ahmed El Sawaf Not covering relationship with TIP and Open Core? 
    • Should bring a solid usecase into our white paper bringing in the opensource mindset
    • Lei Huang A survey could be basis for challenges and use cases - Volunteering to produce survey
    • Scott Blandford 5G covers a lot of area - is there a specific focal point or ways to limit the scope?
      • While LFN addresses a limited amount of 5G features, the white paper is not constrained to just LFN pieces
      • Proposals: Operation deployment perspective, Operator view of 5G
    •  Ryan Hallahan What is the objective? Lead LFN projects? Direct new project focus? What is the desired outcome?@jav
      • Plenty of open ended 5G challenges white papers/blogs out there, so little value in that.
    • Javier Ger should take entire ecosystem into account - perhaps not a specific company name - but cover relationships
      •  Similar to a request from Heather Kirksey some time ago that covers how LFN touches the different aspects of the carrier space
      • Possible an edge use case may be appropriate
      • Possibly a set of white papers - a very broad 5G, then a followup based upon detailed survey data

EUAG requirements process from experience with ONAP - Javier Ger and Lei Huang

  • ONAP Requirements Subcommittee has asked for some template work to align input
  • Proposal for CSP Priorities for ONAP - v3.pptx
  • Gap in the process exists
  • Atul Purohit reminds folks that not all members of the EUAG are participants or even members of LFN not everyone sees what is going on behind the scenes.
  • for ONAP the Requirements Subc will be presenting the input to the ONAP TSC - potential exists for this model to be propagated to other LFN Projects
  • Javier Ger the level of requirements detail from the EUAG is much higher level than the details needed in Jira ticket
    • We can compare our input for the Guilin release to compare to what format the ONAP Requirements Subc would like to see 

Expand beyond ONAP focus

  • Discussions with Arpit Joshipura on how to grow EUAG participation in other LFN Projects and gain participation of additional carriers.
  • Ahmed El Sawaf Recruit operators that are in CNTT but not in EUAG

EUAG Chair election

  • Atul Purohit moving on from Vodafone.
  • Election for a new Chair ends on the   Ballots previously distributed.

Action items

  • Atul Purohit upload the white paper proposal to these minutes 
  • Jim Baker Create a survey for determining the 5G white paper topic with results by  
  • Lei Huang upload the requirements process slides to these minutes  
  • Jim Baker  Will communicate the outreach activities to the EUAG before