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LF Staff: Jim Baker Brandon Wick
Committee Members: Lei Huang Ken KANISHIMA @Yoshihiro Nakajima Marc-Alexandre Choquette Fernando Oliveira Ahmed El Sawaf Saad Ullah Sheikh Atul Purohit Ryan Hallahan Brian Freeman
Guests: Scott Blandford



EUAG CSP Priorities Process Lei Huang

  • Proposal presentation was reviewed (slides in the agenda above)
  • Scott Blandford Are EUAG additional requirements or categorized requirements from the subcommittee?
    • EUAG has very high level requirements whereas Jira requirements are very detailed.
    • Requirements subcommittee holds the most detailed requirements
  • Ryan Hallahan What is it specifically that EUAG serves?
    • Face of the CSP - collect requirements from CSPs - normalize the requirements - provide the reqs to subcommittee
  • Ryan Hallahan Many committees, meetings, etc - how does this streamline the process?
    • CSP requirements in EUAG become categories for prioritizing the more detailed requirements tracked in the requirements subcommittee in ONAP.
  • Scott Blandford Who sets the priorities for ONAP development?
    • Requirements subcommittee is final arbiter 
  • Ken KANISHIMA In Frankfurt, documentation from end user perspective was a priority and LFN budgeted more spending on docs.
    • Would like to see the proposal to show the existing process as well as the new process.

CNTT EUAG Liaison Ahmed El Sawaf

  • Proposal - find away to merge the EUAG operator requirements with CNTT
    • Include SDN, dataplane acceleration, service function chaining etc.

Action items

  • Lei Huang Javier Ger Revise the requirements proposal to show existing process and new process contrast  

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  1. Atul Purohit kindly confirm for 5G paper do we have plan for any successive meeting as this topic remained un-addressed today due to time constraint