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LF Staff: Brandon Wick Jim Baker
Committee Members: Atul Purohit  Alessandro Gerardo D'Alessandro  Cecilia Corbi  Javier Ger  Ken KANISHIMA  Ryan Hallahan  Vincent Colas  Lei Huang  Marc-Alexandre Choquette
Guests: Fernando Oliveira Scott Blandford


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • White Paper Completed! Review process

    • Release G Prioritization and integration of NFV testing automation survey

    • CNTT requirements/engagement Beth Cohen
    • LFN GB review of ONAP adoption survey
    • Next steps for EUAG
    • AOB


White paper

  • Final review in process
  • Solution provider perspectives were removed in current draft
    • feedback from Dr. Feng at LFN GB asked why there was no perspectives from soln providers
    • Potentially release WP now and update in the future w insight from service providers (case studies)
    • LF in review stage of WP and has been shared with LFN board
      • LFN recommendation: Release current version and update with a phase 2 - perhaps in latter half of 2020
  • Ryan H perspective - has feedback that was not provided earlier
    • Fairly lengthy - needs trimming - eg. section 3 might be cut
    • No specific conclusions stated
    • Some items labeled "EUAG recommends" - Ryan doesn't feel these recommendations were adequately discussed
      • Ryan suggests saying "Survey indicates" rather than "EUAG recommends"
  • To add the contributors names
  • Promotional webinar based on the whitepaper - live webinar using zoom and a set of contributors

ONAP release G priorities

CNTT requirements

Action items

  • Ryan to provide some specific recommendations for streamlining WP  
  • Ryan to review the EUAG recommends sections and suggest specific edits   
  • Atul/Ryan craft a conclusions section  

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  1. Hi Atul Atul Purohit ,

    I've attached our G Rel top priorities in confluence page, please check this version and help update into EUAG slide.

    Best Regards,