Message From Brandon Wick - "These appear to be from a wide variety of sources. This is fine, but we need to ensure that we have permission to publish all of them. For example, the AT&T SDN Controller Framework image in the ODL section. Is this still current, do we have AT&T's permission to use it? If we need to ask, please provide direction on who might be the best person to ask. If problematic, can we remove? Because the images are so disparate, our CS team might need to make adjustments to make them work better together (lines, fonts, spacing, colors, etc). In order to work on the images properly, and to have them display nicely in a PDF, they will need to work with vector images wherever possible (.ai, .eps, .svg). Can we please ask the section authors to collect/send over the images separately in a hi-res, vector format if they have it (and let us know if they don't)? In cases where we can't locate a vector file, we may need to omit the image. "

#chLinkDescriptionOwnerOriginal editable (vector) imageNeeds Approval?ApprovedComments
12TAC-WP-Landscape-Figure1.PNGTraditional communication network technology domain LandscapeLingli Deng

22TAC-WP-Landscape-Figure2.PNGVision of Next Generation Network Technology Landscape (w. LFN)Lingli Deng

32 project landscapeRanny Haiby (original)

43VPP_custom_application_packet_processing_graph.280.jpgFD.IO packet processign graph

53ONAP_main_functions.pngONAP Main FunctionsChaker Al-Hakim

63ElAlto-onap-diagram-arch-overview.gifONAP Functional Architecture

73image2020-1-28_16-15-52.pngODL ArchitectureAbhijit Kumbhare
83image2020-3-4_23-6-57.pngSDN Controller Framework (ODL)



Should I contact to the team for their approval? 
93image2020-1-28_16-49-26.pngNetwork Virtualization Components

103image2020-1-28_16-54-3.pngODL APIWe can skip the diagram in this case.

We can skip the diagram in this case.
113image2019-11-23_21-15-13.pngOpenSwitch ArchitectureMike Lazar

No (original)

123The scope of CNTTRabi Abdel

133opnfv_diagram_fraser_042318.pngThe scope of OPNFVRabi Abdel

143Relation of CNTT OpenStack RI and OPNFV.Rabi Abdel




Relation of CNTT OpenStack RC and OPNFV/CVCRabi Abdel

163pnda-functional-arch.pngPNDA ArchitecturePNDA Functional Architecture.pptx

173dashboard.pngPNDA DashboardDonald HunterThis is a screenshot of the PNDA UI. Can be reproduced by installing and running PNDA.

183tf-architecture.pngTF ArchitecturePrabhjot Singh Sethi

193tf-vrouter.pngTF technologies usedPrabhjot Singh Sethi

203arch1.svgSNAS Architecturearch1.svg

Copied from

Origin unknown

2142020 Project Lanscape + Integration.pptxLFN Project MAPBrandon Wick

YesYesDevelop Image from the PPT link (3rd column)
224LFN Whiotepaper E2E V2.2.pngE2E Use case



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