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Location: 2019 ONS NA unconference

Attendees: Dan Timoney James Forsyth Pawel Pawlak Kenny Paul Jim Baker (one unknown individual - please help id)

Click downs not always obvious

  • How to from project to top level

How to’s are release specific

  • Wiki sometimes is preserving things that are no longer relevant

  • A/B/C deployment notes not useful when D ships

Search space pruning?

  • We want to preserve some historic information without cluttering the search space

    • Create a history space

    • Migrate older material there

    • Limit the search space to the original space

Can we remove/deprecated content?

Wiki as a release artifact - and content is release specific

End user focus vs. Developer focus

  • Is RTD the on-ramp for the end user deployments?

  • Wiki for developers?

Maintenance doc set?

How to

  • Health check on a deployment (end to end)

  • Health check on project

Troubleshooting guides would be useful

  • Project level

  • E2E at release time = use case verification

Information should evolve on the wiki throughout the release and then that info should vacate the wiki

  • Wiki to RTD converter

Glossary/key word/tag list

  • No labels