• Final review


  • Make sure we get a chance to review the near-final document before it is published.
  • We should suggest follow up, e.g. pointing to the TAC mailing list.
  • Try to do a page count
  • Chapter 3 - move shorter paragraphs to the bottom



  • Additional meeting scheduling
  • Review E2E chapter
  • Prepare for finalization


  • Casey will add a meeting time slot next week on Friday, 7AM PDT, to accommodate for group members who can not attend the regular time slot.
  • Reviewed the E2E chapter.
  • AI Hiroshi Dempo - Remove some references to specific OpenStack APIs and modules so the text is more generic and can be relevant to both OpenStack and K8S
  • AI Rabi Abdel - chapter 4 - Please add a few more words in the description of OVP in 'phase 0' 
  • AI @Everyone - Review all sections and make sure you are OK with the content before we finalize the docuemnt.



  • ONES NA updates
  • Review Hiroshi's contributions
  • Review Lingli's contribution to chapter 2
  • Review FD.IO section
  • Chapter 5- What are we missing?


  • Question about SDN-C diagram in chapter 3 - Need AT&T approval to use diagram
  • ODL Use cases - Use better description of ONAP controllers (APP-C and SDN-C)
  • ODL Use cases - Remove reference to ONAP in 'external SDN controller' paragraph
  • Chaker Al-Hakim - suggests mentioning the use of ODL container by ONAP controllers (CCSDK)
  • Move ONAP/ODL/TF paragraph from chapter 4 to chapter 5
  • Make sure chapter 4 includes only existing integration points. Leave future looking integrations to chapter 5.
  • Proposal to collapse ch4 into ch5 if there is not enough content there
  • Chapter 5 - AI @All - review and suggest changes



  • Review of existing comments


  • Mike Lazar - No further comments on the OpenSwitch section of chapter 3. Please move the sub-section to the main page of ch3.
  • Few points that get too much in the details of the state of networking and it's success. 
  • FD.IO - Briefly mention projects in addition to VPP, reference project documentation (see OpenSwitch example) 
  • Links needed to be added in regards to project documentation. 
  • Add 'further reading' section.
  • Need to update the3 section on Inter-relations and interfaces
    • Project Integrations such as 
      • OPNFV / CNTT
      • Tungsten Fabric
        • DPDK
        • Akraino
        • etc
      • ODL / ONAP
      • etc
  • We will use the help of the LFN MAC to make the white paper formally published by the end of March.
  • The document should be updated annually. 



  • Review existing chapters
  • Analyze gaps and assign new owners, if required
  • Discuss presentation at ONES NA in April


  • Reviewed ONAP section of chapter 3 - Chaker will resolve the open comments 
  • Reviewed OpenSwitch section of Chapter 3 - Looks OK. May benefit from describing the northbound entities talking to OpenSwitch
  • Reviewed Chapter 5 - AI to all group members - Please review, make sure your project is properly represented, add more information about the value your project brings to the big picture
  • Suggestion by Chaker - Add reference to latest version documentation (release notes) - Each project should provide a (permanent, if possible) link to the latest version release notes.


A few quick updates:

  • Our target date of end of Q1 is approaching quickly. There is still a lot of ground to cover.
  • Our lead source of OPNFV knowledge is no longer available due to a re-org inside his employing company. I have reached out to new OPNFV contacts and hoping to get some contributions soon.


During our small f2f group meeting in Prague we agreed we should start reviewing the existing content. We will start reviewing the draft content beginning with the coming call. Based on available material, first sections to be reviewed will be:

Chapter 3 – ONAP

Chapter 3 – OpenSwitch

Chapter 3 – PNDA

Chapter 3- Tungsten Fabric

Chapter 5

We will schedule the following reviews during the call.


  • Ask LFN if there is a hard date for delivery
  • Schedule reviews for chapter 3 sections
  • Identify new contact for OPNFV

Next meeting : Jan-8-2020


  • Review newly added content in chapter 5 and 1
  • f2f meeting during LFN event in Prague


Next meeting : Dec-11-2019


  • Review newly added PNDA and TF sections in chapter 3
  • Status check on ONAP and OPX sections
  • Prepare for holiday season/meeting hiatus


  • There is some new content for TF and PNDA - AI @all - Please review and comment.
  • Davide - Offered to sketch the E2E use case that shows all the LFN projects working together. Shared a draft during the call. AI Davide Cherubini - Upload the sketch to the wiki and request feedback from the group.
  • Prague DDF - Ranny will send a poll to check planned attendance. We will plan to have a workgroup f2f meeting there.




  • Review ONAP draft chapter 3
  • Review openSwitch draft chapter 3


  • Proposal to identify open source components used by multiple projects. It is suggested that each project will identify the main packages used, then we can try to look for similarities.
  • We need to add terminology/glossary section.
  • Make sure each section has 1-2 sentence that clearly states "what the project is?"
  • We are on track to have content on other sections of chapter 3 soon, with the exception of SNAS - Ranny Haiby will circle back with the LF to identify an expert.
  • AI - Please continue reviewing the content and provide feedback to the editors using Wiki inline comments.

Recording: zoom_0.mp4

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