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    • Margaret (Maggie) Cogdell &
    • Yatis  Dodia

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30m @Maggie Cogdell @Yatis Dodia

 General: Operational Security for Open Source 5G Mobile Networks-Update

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The National Security Agency’s Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research (LACR) has a 5G portfolio with a goal to improve the security of 5G and DoD communications by providing cybersecurity enhancements to Open-Source projects. In the Open-Source environment, a secure 5G architecture is continuously evolving and presents an opportunity to design and build-in security. 

The Laboratory for Advanced Cybersecurity Research (LACR) has chosen to concentrate on developing cybersecurity enhancements and solutions within the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP).  5G mobile network operators are in need of intelligent security controls that include tools that monitor the network pervasively, analyze the information gained to detect anomalies and attacks, and possibly trigger suitable countermeasures, with less human interaction. In our lab environment, we are attempting to construct an automated approach to enhance 5G security, which will be supported by data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  With this open-source environment, we intend to exemplify how architects and developers can add data generation and data availability capability that can be used to improve assurance and resiliency.

We want to use this forum as an opportunity for community feedback on this proposal.

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Network Monitoring_DTF 20240503_Clean.pdf


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