Short Description

60min, formally proposed here by Istvan Kispal , but the discussion is open, and may be moderated by SIG2 leaders (Tal Liron or Wim Henderickx, but I haven't asked them yet)

Brainstorming on how we see the future of the Porch project and it's role in the Nephio ecosystem

Topic Overview

This topic was suggested during the Nephio SIG Automation call on 2024-04-03.

Open discussion on the following topics:

  • Should we make porch a pluggable/easily replaceable part of Nephio?
  • What the interfaces should be?
  • Projects that could replace Porch in the future

Session Type

Interactive technical presentation and/or capability demo

Pre-Recorded technical presentation and/or capability demo

Live / hands-on technical training


Community process, governance or collaboration development

Real-time troubleshooting, bug-scrub or similar

Other (please describe)

Slides & Recording


Following the event session recordings may be uploaded to our YouTube Channel at the full discretion of LFN staff.

Notes From Session (as appropriate)

Action Items (as appropriate)