Short Description

60 minutes, Victor Morales 

Nephio Test-Infra project is a swiss army knife that contains multiple resources from Ansible playbooks to provision a Nephio Sandbox VM to End-to-End testing bash scripts which guarantee the correct functionality of Nephio components. This session pretends to walkthrough the different part of the project, discuss alternatives to improve it, evaluate alternative implementations, and eventually collect feedback from the attendees to simplify its usage.

Topic Overview

  • Test-Infra project overview
    • assets folder
    • e2e folder
      • packer initiative
      • provision folder
        • Ansible Playbooks
        • Vagrantfile
      • terraform folder
      • tests folder
        • free5gc
        • oai
    • images folder
    • prow folder
    • tools folder
    • Makefile
  • Areas for improvement
    • Separate Ansible playbooks
    • Utilize KUTTL framework

Session Type

Interactive technical presentation and/or capability demo

Pre-Recorded technical presentation and/or capability demo

Live / hands-on technical training


Community process, governance or collaboration development

Real-time troubleshooting, bug-scrub or similar

Other (please describe)

Slides & Recording


Following the event session recordings may be uploaded to our YouTube Channel at the full discretion of LFN staff.

Notes From Session (as appropriate)

Action Items (as appropriate)