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60 minutes Beth Cohen Gergely Csatari 

Six years in, Anuket is more important than ever, 

Topic Overview

The Anuket project has been building reference models and architectures to support telco workloads on cloud and container infrastructure.  There is now a solid body of documentation that has been accepted into the GSMA standards and forms the references for several other LFN projects.  However, as a mature project, it seems to not be getting the love and attention that it should in the telco community of vendors and operators.  In this session, we will look at where Anuket has been, and look forward where does it need to go to remain a useful tool for guidance for building telco strength infrastructure.

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2024-05 - Anuket Project Value and Future Direction.mp4

Notes From Session (as appropriate)

Notes here

  • Anuket specs are very stable
  • RI-s are not active at all
    • There are discussions about to state Sylva as RI2
    • There is a reference implementation for OpenStack (RI1), but it is not maintained
    • Functest uses Devstack from OpenStack
    • Kind is used by functest
  • Testing of workloads
    • even CoreDNS is failing the CNTI tests
    • We should consider the test case integration requirements
  • OpenSSF Scorecard pr
    • Not applicable for Gerrit
    • There are some debateable checks
    • We should run the scorecard locally and agree on what checks we consider relevant
  • Unstealth Anuket
    • We should be more clear about what is active in Anuket and what is archived
    • We should communicate better our achivements
    • We should do a webinar
    • Jill can get quotes if we can point to adopter organisations

Action Items (as appropriate)